An Iconic Brazilian Lawyer: Ricardo Tosto

Brazil offers a wide variety of lawyers, with different sectors running throughout. There are many statutes in Brazil, with the supreme law of the country being the current Federal Constitution. This was brought into effect in late October of 1988 and still stands today. There are several codes currently in effect too, including the National Tributary Code, Penal Codes, Criminal and Civil Suit Codes, and Labor Laws to name a few. Brazil is shown as the Federal Republic, and this means that the multiple municipalities and states all operate under the umbrella of the Federal District.

As of the last count in 2007, there are approximately 1,020 law programs in Brazil with over 190,000 law students. This Brazilian Law Course is one of the most rigorous and prestigious in the country. It lasts 5 years, and students must pass a bar exam before they are able to actively practice law.

One of Brazil’s most well-known lawyers is Ricardo Tosto. Ricardo Tosto has been listed as the main partner at Leite Office since 1991, which is a full-service law firm. This law office is prestigious and is listed as one of the top 10 largest in Brazil, and it specializes in Business Law. Leite Law Office also does extremely well in the areas of conflict resolution and civil law.

Ricardo Tosto is known for taking on tough clients and has gained national attention for some of his cases. He is a fearless voice for Brazil’s people and will continue to help change laws and practices for years to come. Ricardo Tosto is well known for training his associates and being a brilliant strategist. Ricardo Tosto already has a brilliant career well underway and will continue to put the envelope for years to come.