EOS Lip Balm Sales on the Rise

The Evolution of Smooth is getting recognized as one of the more innovative lip balm companies in recent months. This company has been featured in Fast Company. Other magazines like Forbes are also tracking the growth of a company that has taken a rapid rise to fame in the lip balm industry as well as usmagazine.com.

Many people have to marvel at the way that this company has risen to the top so quickly because lip balm is not a product that people pay much attention to. At least this was the case before the Evolution of Smooth came into the picture. This is a company that has been able to thrive largely because of the celebrity buzz that is associated with the brand. It is not uncommon for fans of Miley Cyrus or Kim Kardashian to scroll through pictures of these celebrities on Instagram and see them utilizing this brand of lip balm. It has become the thing that keeps a lot of people talking about this company. It has also become the thing that has created a type of brand awareness that is usually reserved for bigger companies like Chapstick. This has become the type of brand that has managed to grow at a very interesting rate as the company evolves and innovates, see imabeautygeek.com. This is the type of brand that has managed to gain a large number of young consumers that take heed to the social media trends. This is the company that celebrities are tweeting about, and that is definitely going to make people notice this brand even more.

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Social media is evolving and a very big way, and it appears that the Evolution of Smooth is a company that is riding the wave. People are excited about the abundant number of flavors and the long-lasting appeal of EOS lip balm. Check out their flavored lip balm here.