Quick Up-Do’s For School


Whether it’s the triple cascade, double tuck, side twist, twisted plaits or the traditional fishtail braid, this video will show you all the best, quick, yet adorable hair styles for the on the go or school going girl who needs a fresh look every day of the week!

The Double Tuck is simple. Just take all your hair into one pony tale, then pull the pony tale a little loose and create a hole above it in the hair. Pull the pony tale of hair through the hole created and it creates the first tuck! Place another pony tale just a bit lower than that and repeat the process, creating the hole, then pulling the hair through. This creates the easy, adorable double tuck look!

The Side Twist is another that is just as simple, if not simpler! Just take three separate strands of hair and twist them into one joining pony tale. this will create a gorgeous look on the back of your head as well as a great way to show off the length of your hair in the front. Plus, putting a flower or a bow on the adjoining pony tale just adds flair that is never a bad thing!

The Traditional Fishtail is a more complex looking, yet with practice, simple braid that looks so much better than the simple french braid or regular braid. It will add a dressiness to your outfit that you need without being too complicated!