Bernardo Chua is CEO Extraordinaire as Organo Expands Around the World

Coffee is a universal drink that people enjoy globally day in and day out, so it must be delicious and supply the energy they are looking for. In 2008, Bernardo Chua founded Organo Gold, a gourmet coffee company, that has become a leader in the direct sales industry of 2017. Chua infuses a rich Columbian coffee with the super-mushroom Ganoderma, which he has introduced Organo into 50 countries to date.

Mr. Chua has a mission to take Ganoderma into the entire world. He grew up in the Philippines with this super nutritious herb that his mother brought from China. His family used the mushroom, so he is aware of the incredible benefits it provides. Learn more about Bernado Chua:

Organo is a networking company that features Ganoderma-infused coffees, teas and hot chocolate as well as several other natural products for the skin.

Bernardo established his first company, Gano Excel, where he sold Ganoderma in supplement form until 2004. At this time, he developed the amazing idea of infusing the Ganoderma to make it more available to the public. Everybody drinks coffee, so after recreating a new product line, he opened his second company, Organo Gold, with its headquarters in British Columbia, Canada.

As of 2016, Organo has over one million distributors, and Bernardo has two Facebook pages where he regularly posts and connects with them. He comments on Organo’s benefits and encourages the members of his incredible team, which is always growing.

His presence on social media is positive and inspiring. Through social media, the distributors worldwide are able to participate in the success that Organo is experiencing.

The Columbian coffee beans and the antioxidant-filled Ganoderma create a stimulating and unique blend. In 2015, Mr. Chua was honored with the “Number One Global Network Marketing Company” Award from the People’s Choice Awards in the Philippines. Organo has won the Dangal ng Bayan Award twice in the past decade for his role as the CEO – “Outstanding Global Entrepreneur.”

The enthusiasm of Bernardo Chua has made Organo 55th in the global direct marketing companies, and he continues to educate and introduce the knowledge of the Ganoderma around the world.

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