Flavio Maluf Boosts the Growth of Eucatex and Brazilian Business

   Flavio Maluf is a well-known and innovative Brazilian business leader. He is the CEO of Eucatex a company that makes furniture and civil construction products using eucalyptus timber. He is also a writer about the latest business trends and his articles and blogs are widely read by the Brazilian business community.

Flavio Maluf attended the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation and graduated in mechanical engineering. He attributes his success to the foundation provided by the trade school. He later attended New York University and graduated with a degree in business administration. He worked as a mechanical engineer and at Citicorp before joining his family’s business at the age of 36. He has also become the president of the large Brazilian pet food conglomerate, GrandFood. Well- known brands manufactured by GrandFood are Premier Pet and Golden. He believes his success is because of working hard to build his business and making efforts to nurture the business at each stage of its growth. Follow Flavio Maluf on Twitter.

Flavio Maluf believes in encouraging and advising other Brazilian businesspersons to help them achieve business success. He writes articles in newspapers and magazines and has blogs giving business insights on the internet. He believes that even those with modest means can achieve business success using cost effective business models. His company follows strict environmental rules and adopted a green policy before it became mandatory in Brazil. He has through his articles and blogs encouraged creativity and innovation as the foundation of a successful business. He strives to be an effective leader for his team.

Flavio Maluf has become a well-known leader in the business scene of Brazil because of his expertise and experience in running a successful company. He is always willing to innovate and create new business opportunities and share his business acumen and insights with other Brazilian entrepreneurs.

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Steve Lesnard, The International Brand Consultant

With his intensive skills in business and entrepreneurship, Steve Lesnard has served in in many organizations including the largest athletic brands globally. He holds executive positions in this brand with establishment of robust policies as well as launching iconic products. He has enhanced collaboration with various industries including sports, technology as well as sports. He has a great passion in sports as mirrored in his leadership actions.

He started his career journey as the global marketing and footwear manager. He role was to service snowboard teams for America and Canada. Steve Lesnard also held the position of the director of middle east and Africa brands for women. During this time, he managed to refine the sporting strategies for women across the two continents. Collaborating with other leaders, he managed to establish the first retail stores for women. This was influenced by many people including the great superstars to encourage women to join the sports industry.

Under his leadership, Steve Lesnard managed to develop the brand into the most growing worldwide with a rapid increase in its revenue. He innovation driven strategy referred to as the mobile-first strategy which enabled the brand to start other new products such as lunar. He went further to establish a partnership with the apple company which resulted to rapid growth in the brands online community to a great extent.

Steve Lesnard bring new ideas in business by holding conversation with his team members. He greatly believes that bid ideas span from anywhere and working as a team can expand as well as sharpen one’s thoughts. He adds that most preferably ways of bringing ideas in life involves three main stages, defining the real idea followed by knowing exactly your target consumer and lastly the benefits of the products to the consumers

Steve Lesnard encourages other people to work hard to fully achieve their goals. To achieve greatness in life, one has to take various risks involved in the road to achieve the most in business. he adds by following this path has always enabled him to thrive well in business.

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Michael Nierenberg Sees Potential of Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights as Assets

Over the years, Mike Nierenberg continues to advocate for the potential of excess mortgage servicing rights. As the President, Chief executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board of Residential Investment Corp. Nierenberg is both the leader and innovator in the mortgage loan investment market and MSR, and, mortgage servicing rights is the perfect example.

One of the significant roles of a successful investment manager is to incessantly look for undervalued assets. For mortgage servicing rights, there are two primary requisites for deciding purchases of specialized assets. These are a solid long-term relationship, and substantial capital resources. In 2018, Nierenberg’s company bought $114 billion worth of mortgage servicing rights based on the UPB or unpaid principal balance of the principal loan.

Benefits of Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights as Assets

  • It Brings Fresh And Adequate Asset Opportunity

This shows a substantial investment opportunity with the chance to size up to bigger transactions. Over the past ten years, banks have sold over $3 trillion worth of MSRs or mortgage servicing rights.

  • Better Cash flow Opportunities

A surplus MSR is a good asset that provides steady and calculated cash flow without affecting financial liabilities.

  • Opportunity to Minimize the Impact of Fluctuations of Interest Rate

When rates increase the value of mortgage servicing rights also increases. This is in contrast to several fixed-rate debt instruments that usually decrease in value when the interest rates increase.

  • Assets Like MSR Cannot Be Easily Duplicated

MSRs and excess MSRs are designed with well-crafted obligations connected to a set of existing mortgage loans. Although these two can be easily sold and bought, making a new MSR entails new loan sets and even more mortgages.

About Mike Nierenberg And New Residential Investment Corp.

New Residential Investment Corporation is a firm qualified to own mortgage servicing rights in all state in the US. It is also a certified servicer for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. In 2018, NRZ infused in-house mortgage servicing capabilities and mortgage origination to the company’s operation.

Mike Nierenberg is the President, Chief Executive Officer of New Residential Investment Corporation starting 2013. He was elected as Chairman of the Board in 2016. Nierenberg pioneered in crafting an investment market for excess mortgage servicing rights.


The trends that excite startup consultant Luke Lazarus

For any entrepreneur to be successful, it is important to follow the latest trends. Things are always changing and therefore, you have to tag along. If you do not carefully follow the trends, you might find yourself out of place as your customers shift base to your consultants. If you look at how businesses were managed two decades ago, you will notice that some of the popular practices at that time have either become obsolete, or they have morphed into new things. Melbourne based startup consultant Luke Lazarus says that one of the trends that excite him most is the exponential rise of the experience economy.



Fresh and innovative ideas



According to Luke Lazarus, the rise I experience economy has sent many businesses back to the drawing board as they look for innovative ideas that will help them to meet the demands of their customers. These ideas have led to better and efficient services. Looking at many businesses, you will notice that they are eager to develop new software and mobile applications through which there can reach more customers. With such a situation, the customers are the biggest beneficiaries because it means that they can get assistance fast. Look at costumer support for instance; people are new getting help instantly through various applications.



Businesses with shared values



In addition to fresh ideas, Luke Lazarus says that many customers are now looking for businesses with shared values, thanks to the experience economy. They will be looking at your business and comparing it to their own lives. If they cannot find anything common, they will not buy from you. They want your business to tell their story. One of the best ways through which you can tell this story is by attending to their unique needs. Therefore, entrepreneurs are realizing the importance of surveying their customers to understand every detail about the so that they can come up with solutions that address their problems.



Connecting with the agenda of clients



When a brand tells a great story in the life of a customer, it is likely to connect to their agenda. This means that you already know what they are looking for even before they ask. You will be taking the solutions to them instead of them coming to look for such services. The result is that customer experience will be boosted and therefore, your business will gain relevance. In a world where business competition is growing with each day, the experience economy is the only way to identify your customers.



Luke Lazarus is one of the most experienced startup consultants in Melbourne and the entire Australia. He is a graduate of the Melbourne Business School and has worked with many startups in this region to help them overcome the challenges that new business go through.


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ClassDojo: Redefining Communication in Schools around the World

ClassDojo — a school communication tool — is the first app in the education sector to have a student-centered approach to communication. According to the creators of this platform, the main idea of this app was to bring all the education stakeholders in one forum — by simplifying the discussion. With ClassDojo, it is possible to know the students’ progress, through a simple yet effective interface. Different education journals have termed ClassDojo as the future of communications in education. Different studies show that improvement in communications is one of the best ways to increase a child’s performance in school. In the last three years, different countries have adopted this communication tool — as the primary means of communicating.

ClassDojo is unique in the following ways. First, it is a multimedia platform. Unlike other alternatives in this market, it is the first app that has diversified communication between different stakeholders. In this platform, for example, it is possible to share pictures of class work, projects, and any other essential details. ClassDojo is also the first platform to include videos as one of the communication tools. With this platform, it is easier for parents to access the students’ portfolio and progress — either in graphs, illustrations or in the form of traditional report forms. The makers of this platform point out that this app has brought parents back to their children academic life.

Apart from making all the necessary information available to parents and teachers, ClassDojo is the only platform that allows parents and teachers to discuss the progress of the students. This ability makes this platform the ideal tool for effective communication between the stakeholders. The management of this platform points out that the primary goal of this platform is to create a community. Under this community, it is possible to discuss some important aspects of education and more importantly — improving the grades of students. The most important aspect about this platform is accommodating different views and transforming them to actionable information.

Thanks to ClassDojo, creating a positive and productive environment in a school setting is not farfetched. Creating an enabling environment in the education system is the perfect recipe for progressive education and more importantly preparing the students for the future after school.

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Article Title: Eric Lefkofsky Shares His Sentiments On Whether Or Not Patients Should Own Their Personal Health Data

Article Text:

Over the years, there have been many questions about how personal health data should be managed in areas such as America. Eric Topol weighed in on the matter. He used Estonia as a reference. Topol is also the founder of Scripps Translation Science Institute. He is also the director of the organization. Eric Topol went ahead to highlight that individuals from Estonia own their medical data. The government has supported this move, and the data has been stored securely in a blockchain system. The medical data can also be shared easily.

About the Ownership of Personal Data

There was a Brainstorm Health Conference that was held in San Diego. Eric Topol was happy to attend the event. Although he supported the ownership of personal data in the U.S., he also acknowledged that the nation has a long way to go considering that security is also a factor. The security factor comes about because data is usually stolen, sold, and also accessed by hackers. On the dark web, many people are willing to purchase personal health data regardless of the price. At the moment, the data has been stored on servers that have been spread out throughout the nation. As a result, the information within the servers is vulnerable to attacks by hackers. There have also been many cases about hospitals being exposed to cyber attacks.

Eric Topol went ahead to say that the medical data would be safer if it were being handled personally by the patients. He went ahead to state that his sentiments make sense in a civil rights perspective. If other countries agreed to emulate the Estonia Model, the global health information problems would be solved amicably.

Alphabet is the parent company to Google. The company has a life sciences arm known as Verily. It is headed by Jessica Mega who is the chief medical officer of the company. She shared her sentiments on the matter. Jessica Mega supports the notion that patients should be allowed to own their medical data. Eric Lefkofsky also weighed in on the issue. As the CEO of  healthcare startup known as Tempus, he went ahead to say that patients should be allowed to own their medical data.

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Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong Leads JD.Com On Sustainability Practices

Article Text:

Globalization and dynamic change in technology are some of the factors leading to a drastic shift in the retail business. The companies in the market must work hard to maintain sustainability. The mentioned factors have positive and negative effects on the stores. Doing business is more comfortable in current technology that in the past when everything was manual. Besides, it takes less time to execute many processes ranging from production to delivery. Robert Lui, the businessperson behind JD.com, enjoys the fruits of technology in business. The Chinese company sells its products online.

On the other hand, the same factors have consequences. Businesses enjoy the working atmosphere but face environmental repercussions, loss of human jobs, and ecological problems. The companies must come up with robust sustainability strategies to maintain their existence in the market. Chinese companies embrace such processes as far as e-commerce business is concerned.

Richard Liu Qiangdong leads the others in embracing sustainable practices that are friendly to the environment. JD.com applies new technology in packing and delivering its products. The company packs the products in reusable green boxes that reduce the use of paper. Besides, Robert Lui introduced the Green Streak Initiative that advocates for the reduction of emissions.

Additionally, JD.com uses hydrogen powered and hybrid vehicles that do not pollute the environment. They only emit water but not smoke. Richard Liu Qiangdong plans to add 5,000 more delivery vehicles that use renewable energy. Lui intends to test tricycles that use solar power and vans that use electrical power to enhance zero emission. Recently, JD.com introduced drone delivery services in China and other countries.

JD.com installed PV, solar photovoltaic on the roof of its logistics center in Shanghai. Robert Lui plans to connect more devices to generate solar power by 2030. The company engages the local communities in China by improving their lives through employment. More than 25,000 employees depend on JD.com for their daily needs.

Robert Lui discovered that improving the lives of residents was a good initiative. Reduction of poverty would equally reduce the practices that would degrade the environment too. Lui noted that every company that adds value to society succeeds in its operations.

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The Fundamentals of Influencer Marketing

These days, professional athletes, actors and also favored personalities in different companies in addition to exclusive people are hooked to the tendency of influencer advertising. If you aren’t in the marketing organisation, this expression is forecast to come to be an unknown expression for you.

Your home in this post because it can have interested you, otherwise you intend to discover more concerning this advertising method. It is no place which it is likely to fade and won’t serve.

So, below are the standard things that you Want to know about the marketing technique Which You Can carry out in your business:

What’s influencer advertising and marketing?

Influencer marketing is your strategy to market product and services through the usage of” influencers” that possess the capability to affect people to buy. They’re influencers due to their reputation, popularity or experience.

Who would certainly be influencers?

Influencers have significant authority on social sites. They might be an individual, group, maker, location or an animal might be an influencer so long as they’re evident and so are famous for whatever they do.

Nowadays, best press release distribution  blog writers have obtained excellent influencers given that they have an enormous following, and also they’re regarded as trusted.

Why is influencer advertising substantial to your brand?

It is cost-efficient.

A present poll by Bloglovin found that 36 percent invest much less than $5K per marketing initiative, whereas 24 percent of makers pay much less than $10K. Influencer advertising is a fantastic means to begin your effort because there’s none common prices, offering firms extra economic situations in their financial investment, but much better return-on-investment.

In reality, a couple of influencers accept work together considering that it assists their star. At times, they do not accept monetary settlement. Instead, they allow complimentary services or products or love the experience. Extra influencers are great with an offer of performance-based prices, though others agree using a level price.

It is extra genuine.

If you promote on the tv, audiences aren’t convinced just how successful the goods are. They’re smarter currently given that they recognize you can edit movies, photographs as well as additionally change the look of the versions appearing on the monitor.

Yet when influencers use their items, people see them authentic and also reliable given that they value them as role models. Nowadays, people think people that they trust fund as well as regard over brands.

Improves your brand name image.
Another effect of influencer advertising is that it can help you to have a better picture. In 2017, there is no reason why you might miss social web sites as your advertising method.

When you’re within different social networking networks, more people are familiar with you as well as wish your brand name.

Methods That You Ought To Know When Carrying Out Influencer Marketing:
Pick pertinent influencers for your brand.
Build a link with influencers.
Consider the kind of web content and also promo tool which appropriate for your influencers.
Make the product available.
Usage various other tiny social networking web sites.

When deciding upon an influencer, you have to consist of everything you have actually consented regarding from the agreement. Unlike traditional advertising and marketing techniques, brand names do not have a great deal of control over the influencers. As a social networking number, they’re still free to publish anything they require, which may sometimes break the image as well as message of this brand they’re advertising.

Is an influencer that a wonderful suit for you?

The crucial point here is to carry out sophisticated study prior to getting an influencer. You do not need to locate someone with substantial fans, consisting of girls who love fashionable puts on to market your typical Indian clothes. You are missing the mark.

Hunt influencers which have a web link to your desired audience. They are somebody that could not have substantial fans however has top quality fans that are possible to widen your sales. Can they have followers that are appreciating, engaging or sharing?

Last, inspect the kind of content they review with their followers. Is it something that’s for general people or exclusive simply for a certain sort of audience? Assessing these components can show a substantial effect on your strategy.

The McDonald’s Hamburger Meat of OSI Group

OSI Group McDonalds maintains factories all over the world that produce hamburger meat for McDonald’s. Unlike what many people believe, OSI Group McDonalds is clear that its products do not contain preservatives. Representatives recently toured OSI’s factory in Gunzberg, Germany to see for themselves that this was not the case for OSI Group McDonalds. Before entering the representatives were required to gird themselves with protective clothing and to thoroughly wash their hands. The first thing the representatives saw was an early stage where the meat that has just been delivered is carefully checked for any bones.

These are all smaller pieces of meat that are delivered from the slaughterhouse. McDonald’s specifically requires small pieces of meat since smaller pieces reduce the chance that they have been contaminated. After these pieces of meat are checked for bones, they are put into containers. This goes on all day with forklifts constantly carrying away containers. They take the meat to the next stage of the process where they are minced. The machine that does this mincing is also designed to mince any remaining small bones that were not detected in the first stage.

After the meat is fully minced, it is put into yet another container and taken to another machine that shapes the meat into burger patties. This meat is then brought to a temperature of exactly -18 degrees Celsius. The machines that do all this are also commonly used to create vegetarian burgers. This area is kept extremely cold. It is so cold that ice forms on the machinery and water vapors condense in the air. Before these burgers are really considered done, select burgers in each batch are tested for quality purposes.

Some of the burgers in each batch will even be grilled and tasted to ensure they are up to the strict standards of McDonald’s. On an average day, 5 million hamburgers will be churned out. Although 200 people are employed at the OSI Group McDonalds Gunzberg factory, each shift only sees from 45 to 60 employees operating the entire thing.

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Vinod Gupta Turned The Humblest Of Beginnings Into Great Success

It is hard for many of the generations to imagine what it would be like to grow up in the 1940s, given the lack of technology and many convenient ways of life. Vinod Gupta was not only born in the 1940s, but he grew up in a small village in India known as Rampur. In Vinod’s case, there were no roads in town nor was there any working vehicles or electricity for any of the residents. Despite the lack of most things one would consider to be a normal quality of life, Vinod Gupta managed to push through and he strived for education early on in life.

By the time Vinod was 24 years old, the Indian Air Force commissioned him and he entered into the Engineering Unit for three years as an Officer. Coming out of the military, Vinod was able to complete his education and had the opportunity to go to I.I.T. Kharagpur to pursue a degree in agricultural engineering. Vinod took the next step and moved to the United States to continue his education and pursue a career out of the University of Nebraska.

Despite having to borrow the money to pay for a plane ticket to the US, Vinod Gupta had no trouble earning his master’s degree in business administration in just four years. Following this achievement, Vinod moved to Omaha to start as an employee for Commodore Corporation, a company specializing in the manufacturing of mobile homes all over the United States. Vinod started as a marketing analyst and spent his time learning about the industry and rival companies.

An idea came to Vinod during his time working at Commodore Corp. With the difficulty involved in gathering valuable information that didn’t become useless after a short amount of time, Vinod decided he would create a better system from scratch by himself. It turns out that Vinod could certainly do it better, even if it took him buying every single directory of the Yellow Pages and compiling a list himself. He did just that and within no time, Vinod had a successful business in hands that has since sold for more than 600 million dollars as of 2010.

Learn More: vinodguptainvestments.com/