Betterworks Focus to Building a Strong Professional Culture

Betterworks is an organization that started with the aim of trying to increase the workforce in different organizations. They try to show how a company can excel by investing in their employees who are the cornerstone for any corporation. The investment can be in the form of training, rewards and even ensuring there are constant communications within the company.

Betterworks focuses on creating permanent solutions for various companies such as the mobile app that allows both employees and the management to share reports and send feedback on time. Betterworks have ensured that employees can give reports from any part of the world using the mobile app. Management software created in 2014, has made significant transformations in business increasing growth and development which is the primary focus of Betterworks. Managers have the opportunity to share the set goals and objectives for the company within a single message to all employees; the application also can be used for performance analysis.

Betterworks Software provides software for intuitive performance management aiming at giving feedback to employees motivating them to put more effort into the company to ensure continuous growth and development. The managers engage their employees in the development process; those who have made significant contributions to the company are recognized, and also through this platform, there is room for self-assessment.

Betterworks have ensured that there is continuous communication in various companies through the Impraise software. Employees can assess themselves, and they can understand if they are working hard towards achieving the set goals

Betterworks focuses on goal setting, Building culture feedback, and Goal tracking. There is a need to keep continuous communication in a company that entails providing feedback to the employees since no matter how good a team is thy need constant motivation. Though Betterworks Platform professionals can meet all their set goals.

CEO Steve Ritchie Apologizes the Right Way

Steve Ritchie is no Johnny come lately, who prior to his appointment to the chief executive officer position had no meaningful relations Papa John’s. In actuality, for over 22 years, he has been faithfully involved with Papa John’s in one capacity of another. Steve Richie began his relationship with Papa John’s in 1996, starting at what equates to a bottom position, as an hourly customer service rep. Other roles he has held at Papa John’s includes being a delivery driver, a GM, a director of operations. He affair with Papa John’s even resulted in him becoming a franchise owner. Prior to serving Papa John’s International Inc. in the capacity of CEO, Steve Ritchie served as chief operating officer and as president, a position he still holds.

As Papa John’s chief executive officer, it is necessary that Steve Ritchie is able to effectively handle any adverse situation that may arise. As such, with trust in Papa John’s at an all-time low, Steve Ritchie crafted a wonderful letter of apology in a tremendous effort to begin the process of regaining the trust of their customers in particular and the public at large. In the letter of apology, Steve Ritchie expressly apologizes by saying, “I’m sorry.” The apology was simple but unequivocal and considered a good move on the CEO’s part. Steve Ritchie proceeded to state what Papa John’s stands for and the values the company holds dear. According to Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s is a company that greatly values diversity and inclusiveness and will take measures to ensure their presence at the company. The CEO also assured their customers that any racist behaviors by employees will never be tolerated by him nor Papa John’s.

Knowing that assurances and words alone will not suffice, Steve Ritchie outlined a plan of action. Independent outside people with no affiliation to Papa John’s will be hired to audit the company’s culture, diversity, and inclusiveness to show that the company is up to snuff in these respects. Senior members of management team will be sent out to gather feedback from employees and franchisees to discover a path on which the company may move forward.


The Inexplicable Mystery Into Classified Ads Importance

Testing your ad on a more compact audience before you set it out there’s advisable to discover if it’s capable of generating a response. Instead you wish to purchase or sell items online, one method to do so is though New York classified ads. If you want to post free ads online and expect them to be effective, there are a couple of bits of the rather important information you might have to provide, based on the completely free classified ads website you’re using. The absolute most prosperous ads are usually ones with a catchy title, an intriguing description, superior punctuation, images, and pricing if you’re selling something. For example, if you need to post used car classified ads, you must search for local classified websites that target local individuals.    leolist

The Nuances of Classified Ads Importance
You can put ads in directories and never receive any traffic and for that reason waste your time. Any fantastic classified ad is written to draw the interest of its target audience. If you’re selling locally, you may want to sell in New Jersey local classified ads also.

The Hidden Treasure of Classified Ads Importance
The ads may stay online for a couple of weeks, a couple of months or indefinitely, based on the ad website. Classified ads are only a single approach to discover work. Classified ads in every industry environment have their very own distinctive challenges. Dirt Cheap Classified Ads can be an excellent way to publicize your organization. Conclusion Dirt cheap classified ads can be quite an effective method to market your business opportunity or your product.

When you use entirely free ads, you target buyers rather than shoppers. Classified ads are the excellent method to construct well-liked small business services and get more visitors to your site. Free Classified Ads are excellent method to create free targeted leads to your site. Utilizing free classified ads on the web is most likely one of the most overlooked ways of raising the traffic on any website.

The Key to Successful Classified Ads Importance
Facebook ads are a breeze to set up and offer some great choices to target your audience. Online Classified Ads are promotion websites that employ the web and the World Wide Web as the principal media for promoting services and products. Today online classified ads posting is among the most recognized form of online advertising.

A Secret Weapon for Classified Ads Importance
Free classifieds are offered in abundance throughout the Internet. On-line classifieds are receiving well-liked amongst thousands of people around the planet. Your approach in making a car classifieds might not be as helpful in your way of earning a true estate classifieds.

Most websites are a breeze to navigate and make it possible for you to place an ad in a just a few easy steps. There are an assortment of methods to erect online classifieds websites. No matter if you’re on work search website or a classifieds site, they generally provide totally free email alerts.

Advertisement websites are extremely beneficial for each and every one, when you desire to learn any innovative events or also wish to share with others, with the assistance of classified ads websites you can readily accomplish it. If there’s a personal site, the social accounts can be related to the website. Yet another feature you may add in your classified ads website that’s set word count limit and image resolution for your website.

The Benefits of Classified Ads Importance
Some sites permit you to post more than 1 ad, and in more than 1 category. When posting classified ads, you have to be very careful in regards to the sort of classified site you decide on, to make sure you receive the maximum benefits. So while it may seem easier to work with a classified ad site that doesn’t need registration, it’s always wisest to select a site with registration. Selecting the correct classified ad site in order to post free classified ads is quite important to be sure you receive the best benefits.

Merely by performing an online search for used forklifts you’re going to be able to discover several websites that are devoted to selling or renting used forklifts. Classified sites play an essential function in the world of online promotion and internet campaign. There are an enormous amount of online classified ads sites that will make it possible for you to place an advertisement and within that advertisement you have the ability to place links.

The Ultimate Classified Ads Importance Trick
Finding out how to post free classified ads online might be the start of a lovely relationship in marketing and promoting your services or products. Purchasing and selling online isn’t difficult, especially whenever you use the aid of New York classified ads. Men and women fail online because of implementing the incorrect strategies and taking the snail strategy to affiliate advertising.

Matt Badiali Shares The Potentials Of Natural Resource Investing

The economy is changing and people are not as secure with the idea of relying on Social Security for the financial future of their retirement. People are concerned and looking for something different and Matt Badiali thinks that he may have a solution to the retirement problem that many people are facing in the United States. Investing isn’t something that can only be done by people who have made it big in the world of finances. Almost anyone can do it with just a little bit of capital and some good direction. This is where Matt Badiali and the rest of the contributors at Banyan Hill Publishing come in. Each of them offers their own areas of expertise and advice.

Readers of the newsletters from Matt Badiali are learning about Freedom Checks, or the return on investing into Master Limited Partnerships. Master Limited Partnerships are natural resource companies who choose to send their profits to shareholders as opposed to paying taxes on them. With an education in Earth Sciences and Biology, Matt Badiali is able to apply his knowledge in order to assess the sites of natural resources. By speaking to locals and viewing the situation himself, he is able to get a better idea of the outlook that the site and company have when it comes to investing. Collecting your return on the investment is easier than you may expect as it is distributed through checks, direct deposits, or you can even reinvest your earnings.

While there are a lot of skeptics, Matt Badiali believes that investing in Freedom Checks is a fairly sound strategy when compared to many other investing strategies that are popular today. The risks that come with Freedom Checks are around the same as other types of investments, some believe that they may even be lower, but there is much more potential for high returns. Some people did not understand that Freedom Checks are an investment as opposed to free money, but those who are looking into the process realize that definitely can make money. The companies that are participating in the Master Limited Partnerships programs are helping the country have less reliant on foreign sources of oil.

Matt Badiali’s: Youtube.

Article Title: Agera Energy Excels In Customer Service

Agera Energy is an energy company that was created in 2014. Since that day, they have continued to grow each year. One thing that is keeping people talking about Agera Energy is their ability to give exceptional customer service. They are one company that realizes how important it is to keep their customers happy and be available to them.

Agera Energy has helped numerous people to save money on their energy bills each month. Agera Energy means to take action and that is certainly what they are doing on a daily basis. Now, many people know about them, and they are opening into new markets. Agera Energy has been incredibly helpful for business owners. Most of them require some form of energy going at all times and when they have Agera Energy they are more likely to save money. At the moment, Agera Energy Company is available in California, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maine, Rhode Island, Washington D.C., Illinois, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Ohio, Connecticut, Delaware, and Texas.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden: Redefining Laser Hair Removal Procedures in NYC

Laser hair removal — as a cosmetic medical niche — is home to some of the best medical professionals. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the professionals that have expanded the scope of this niche and therefore accommodate more patients. For example, she is part of the team that has polished up some procedures in laser hair removal to be at par with the global practices in plastic surgery. It is now possible to get the best laser hair removal procedure in New York City. In 2019, Dr. Jennifer Walden believes that it will be a year of more developments in laser hair removal and more importantly, improve the efficiency of the existing procedures.

As part of Skintology MedSpa, she has invested heavily in this niche. Like most professionals, Dr. Jennifer Walden understands the importance of research. One of the key areas — in her analysis — is the human part of medical procedures. She understands that it is easier to carry out a medical process, but life after the process is not always a guarantee. She is therefore keen on ensuring that all the patients that go through medical procedures; experience a smooth healing process. Due to this approach to plastic surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden s one of the most respected speakers in national forums on plastic surgery —, especially on human-centered procedures.

She attributes this approach to her association with the American College of Surgeons. As a fellow in this authoritative body, she confesses that her approach and medical procedures have changed. Dr. Jennifer Walden now understands that better results are products of — research and empathy. As part of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, she has also interacted with other industry players. She points out that being part of these organizations has enabled her to access one of the biggest pools of medical professionals. Through these organizations also, she worked as a board member and currently as the director of communications. She points out that this experience has assisted her in improving her leadership skills. In conclusion, Dr. Jennifer Walden contributions to this niche are unmatched — both as a medical expert and as a board member.

Sharon Prince Feels That Open Spaces Communicate

Sharon Prince is the President of Grace Farms. She looks back over her life and thinks of how she has always believed that open spaces can advance good in the world. The builders designed Grace Farms to inspire communication, and to break down the barriers that exist between people. The architecture allows light to flow through 200-plus floor-to-ceiling glass panels. Occupants can access 360-degree views of beautiful land and rolling hills.

The view enables occupants to be completely close to nature The complex offers access to ten native habitats restored by the builders, along with lush meadows and roaming pollinators. There at least 80 sighted bird species. There is a definite relationship between the indoors and outdoors of the complex. Add to this a determined attempt to cultivate feelings of peace in an environment that welcomes everyone.

The designers hired Sanaa who is a Japanese architect. Grace Farms is, in essence, everything to everyone. It is a center for nature, a gym, a hub where social justice groups can meet and communicate a community garden, and many other things. The underlying concept was for a structure that would blend into its surroundings.

Public spaces can be much more than locations that are simply well-designed. Open space architecture is where people and communities can come alive, and where people can feel a definite sense of belonging. The very future of cities and communities may hinge on building effective public and open spaces. Sharon Prince describes Grace Farms as a place where the community can enjoy peace and the wonders of nature.

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Jana Messerschmidt; Career and Education

Jana Lightspeed

Jana Messerschmidt is an American advisor and investor. She is an investing partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, which is a capital venture firm. Jana is well known for her knowledge and expertise when it comes to digital and social platforms, enterprise sales, media, and marketplaces. Her entire career is revolved around technology and business and a variety of high ranking roles in business development, sales and marketing, and engineering. With her expertise and experience in the industry, Jana lightspeed times seem to become more and more successful in the future.

Educational background

Jana enrolled in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1997 and graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Jana Messerschmidt has worked for several companies including DivX, SmartDrive Systems, Netflix, Twitter, among other companies. She worked at DivX, a company that focuses on the development of technology that provides very high-quality digital services to its customers. The company is based in San Diego, and Jana worked there from 2005 to 2007. She served as the Senior Manager for Global Accounts and dealt with managing and expanding the global accounts.

In 2017, Jana Messerschmidt started working at SmartDrive Systems as the Director of strategic Accounts. She also helped in the development of innovative ideas and creative solutions to meet their customer’s needs.

Jana also worked with Netflix as the Director of Business Development for one year, 2009 to 2010. She was in charge of creating and expanding new consumer and mobile electronics partnerships in the online field.

Jana served as the Vice President of Global Business Development and Platform for Twitter. She had a team of over one hundred and fifty members who she led in developing international partnerships, both enterprise and consumer-focused companies. She also helped with partner management and business development.


The Story behind Carsten Thiel’s Success in the Biotechnology Sector

Carsten Thiel is a renowned professional in the biotechnology arena whose experience, leadership and expertise have resulted in the groundbreaking launch of several cutting-edge medical products. Besides overseeing the launch of various medical therapies, his input has ameliorated the lives of many patients. Medical ethics always precedes his decision making, and his certainty still saw the remodeling of current medical rules and overhauls that brought about a coherent patient care.

Carsten Thiel was born and brought up in Berlin, Germany. He was always bright as a student who later joined Bristol University in the United Kingdom. He chose to study organic chemistry and graduated with a BSc in Science after which he specialized in biochemistry. Finally, Carsten Thiel joined Max Planck, a prestigious institute offering Biophysical Chemistry, where he graduated with a Molecular Biology Ph.D.

After putting a full stop on Carsten Thiel’s educational journey, Carsten Thiel began his career by joining the famous Hoffman La-Roche, a leading global pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Company. His first role was to serve as a product manager in the company. He took this opportunity to horn his interpersonal, scientific, and innovative skills. Later he was in charge of account management through his new role in the company’s scientific marketing department. He quickly accelerated his career and was taking on different responsibilities in the biochemical field within the company.

After just a few years in leadership roles, Thiel accomplishments helped him land a position of presiding over Xenical launch which was a product for weight loss. To protect the new product’s image, he cautiously designed a prescriber communication model through a highly gaining traction. He took this approach instead of focusing his energy to more huge market promises.

Carsten Thiel was now at the driver’s seat of leadership in the pharmaceutical companies. He helped professional teams establish a mutually beneficial relationship between medical ethics, patient satisfaction, and business success. Most of the time he was forced to lead by example in his biochemistry roles, making the most difficult decisions required for long-term success as well as to the benefit of the patient. Following this success, Thiel was able to depend on his work ethics, inner instincts, and convictions to provide a patient-first approach through his decisions.

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How Gulf Coast Western Delivers On Its Promise To Investors And Partners

Dallas, Texas, is home to the oil and gas drilling firm Gulf Coast Western, LLC. this firm explores for oil and once it finds a promising patch of land with the right geological and geophysical attributes it buys that property and sets up drilling operations. They take a conservative approach as they only select properties that meet their stringent criteria.

The goal at Gulf Coast Western is to provide financial success for their partners. They were founded in 1970 and over the past nearly 50 years they have built open and transparent relationships with their partners to mutual benefit. Their Linkedin page has multiple posts from their partners attesting to this firm’s open communication policy and establishing relationships built upon mutual trust and respect.

They seek to educate their partners about the field of oil and gas. They explain things on their social media accounts such as the difference between ethylene and ethane, the industry terms used in the field of oil and gas, and just what the horizontal drilling process is, start to finish, when an oil and gas company engages in the technique of fracking for oil.

Gulf Coast Western owns land in five states, each with high potential for drilling significant amounts of oil and gas. A large number of their properties are located in Louisiana but they also own land in Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Colorado, and Oklahoma. They are active in 15 Parish’s in Louisiana while in the other states they have operations in one to three Counties.

The team at Gulf Coast Western knows how important it is to support the broader community. To that end, they provide financial assistance to a broad range of local, state, and national charities. This includes Shriners Hospital for Children, The Family Place, Smile Train, and the American Cancer Society.