Achievements Of Talos Energy Company

Talos energy is a self-regulating oil and gas company and also deals with production. The company has eight predictions on these blocks the company is trying to make it possible to add two more blocks.

Talos energy is headed by Timothy S Duncan who is president and Chief Executive Officer he appreciates that there is an important impact in the federal lease sales that has been done recently. The exploration team is highly concentrating on expanding its supply within the production facility. As the outcome of the lease, it reflects all the effort. The Talos energy company is currently the high bidder and it has an expectation of getting an award for the lease in coming months. The Talos energy company competes with other big companies in the energy market, it maintains a sustainable aggressive benefit over other domestic oil producers. Talos energy it is also involved in large join ventures which relates to its center industry.

Talos energy great geological and geophysical experience on how to carry out the operation which is carried out in areas like the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast region. The company is trying its best to control the production which assists in applying experienced operations. The Talos energy company has over 10 years experience in the region and geological creation.

Talos energy company it is also largely associated in the local community by taking social responsibilities by dealing with unemployment issues and offering charity and non-profit organization. Talos energy company is growing at a high rate the company ensures that it takes care of the long-term workers by offering them good salaries and reasonable working hours. Talos energy company is one of the most recognized company as a great place to work, the company received the award as it was ranked atop workplace in the Houston Chronicle from 2013 to 2017. The Talos energy combination made the company experience overproduction and also the collaboration also brought benefit from the deep invention of exploration and development. The merged company it is focusing on making up to 325 dollars. The Talos energy company is put in place to consolidating chances in the Gulf of Mexico.

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How Fortress Investors Group Is Helping Its Clients Make Sound Financial Decisions.

From the onset of its operations in 1998 when Fortress Investment Group was founded as a private equity company, it has grown by leaps and bounds to become a formidable market leader. The firm broke the headlines in 2007 when it became the premier private equity firm to offer its IPO and start trading its shares in the New York Stock Exchange.

Currently, Fortress Investment Group has a portfolio of over 1,750 investors under its belt that totals up to an asset base of over $43 billion. The firm is responsible for controlling and directing the assets into hedge funds, private equity, and permanent capital vehicles with the sole objective of earning the clients profits in the long run. Fortress has offices and partners in the United States and around the world, but its main headquarters are in New York.

Fortress Investment Group is led by three able executives namely Wes Edens, Randal Nardone, and Peter Briger who are its founders and principals. The three are household financial experts having worked for renowned companies including Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, and UBS. Fortress is famous for the specialized services they offer. They include the following:

Fortress Investment is famous in matters operations management. Over the years, the firm has created advanced methods of ensuring the investments made are as profitable as possible. It has a unique way of evaluating structural, operational, and strategic policies when investing the various assets in their disposal.

In the last two decades of operations, Fortress Investment has made significant strides in understanding matters that involve mergers and acquisitions. Its employees have built relationships with many corporate stakeholders, corporate board members, and management professionals that help whenever called.

The firm’s assets-based financing done through credit funds and private equity encompasses several assets including capital, real estate business, and financial vehicles that ensure a steady flow of cash. Fortress Investment is known for its vast knowledge in owning, managing, pricing, and financing financial and physical assets.

Fortress Investment Group has a remarkable history of results when it comes to handling portfolio companies. The track record has ensured that it earns significant knowledge and expertise in managing several industries. Its workers are explicitly trained to handle individual market sectors.

Other than the various financial services they offer, Fortress Investment Group also makes acquisitions to widen its portfolio. In the fiscal year 2006-2007, they purchased Intrawest, Florida East Coast Industries, and Penn National Gaming.

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Talos Energy, A Behemoth In The Making

The definition of a pure play stock, the company only invests its resources in one line of business. This equates to the stock being correlated to the industry. If the industry goes up, the stock goes up and vice versa.

In recent years, Tim Duncan of Talos Energy has made a lifestyle of tough situations. Deep into merger negotiations with Stone Energy Company, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston Texas. Duncan’s subdivision became impassable. The power went out and residents knew there was another six feet of water on the way. Duncan lifted his family into a FEMA boat. Afterward he called in a favor and flew the family to friends in Alabama.

The hurricane was not about to deter Tim Duncan from his goal. He set up shop at his parents dining room table and for the next few months worked on nothing else but the merger.

The merger between Talos and Stone Energy would create a company with annual revenues of $900 million. Stone Energy was a public company, Talos would not have to go through the laborious task of creating an IPO. The combined $2.3 billion-dollar company creates a low risk balance sheet with only $700 million in debt.

The initial risk for companies like Talos is their assets are concentrated, offshore. Drilling platforms can run in the hundreds of millions of dollars, with catastrophe lurking around every corner.

Wall Street believes the “smart money” is drilling in places like the Permian Basin and other well-trodden oil fields. Talos represents the classic wildcatter mentality, taking a chance on wells in both the US and Mexico waters.

Talos is producing 48,000 barrels of oil a day with plans for much higher production.

A life long oil man, Tim Duncan has a knack for finding or creating positive oil deals. Talos took over a platform from Chevron tethered to the seafloor 4000 feet below sea level. Then came Hurricane Rita, which sent the platform 60 miles across the Gulf. Talos now pumps 16,000 barrels a day from the platform.

Talos reexamined seismic data from the Phoenix platform. 3000 feet deeper and new reserves were discovered.

Tim Duncan has a knack for finding oil.

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Neurocure Uses qEEG and Neurotherapy to Successfully Treat Clinical Depression

Depression is a major mental disorder. It affects millions of people across the globe. Cases vary from mild to the most severe, clinical depression. Clinical depression, also known as depressive disorder, affects millions of adults in the U.S. alone. According to the National Institute of Mental Health that number was over 10 million in 2016. The main problem with clinical depression is that its exact cause is unknown. Science has discovered contributing factors like genetics, brain chemistry, and hormones but no real proof positive cause. This is why treatment centers like Neurocore focus specifically on depression in their ongoing care. Using the latest innovations in neuroscience Neurocore treatment centers apply cutting edge tech to decades old problems. Some of the latest treatments have proven beneficial for clinical depression, but a concrete cure remains unfound.

The traditional treatment for clinical depression is either antidepressants, psychotherapy, or a marriage of the two. This can be effectual as a deterrent but not a cure. Also, antidepressants carry their own series of drawbacks. EEG has created a better way to detect depression by analyzing the mind’s electrical impulses. This has led to a better awareness of the disorder. Neurotherapy is the latest treatment to be used for depression. Doctors and researchers alike have been applying it for decades.

Neurotherapy utilizes the detection capability of EEG to track the brains activity. This helps practitioners discover the causes of depression and assist patients in training the brains to resist depression. This type of treatment is at the heart of Neurocore’s medication-free depression treatment program. Using neurofeedback bolstered by innovations like qEEG brainwave mapping technology, comprehensive brain training sessions can be used to tackle the toughest forms of depression. This program is designed to free suffers of any type of depression from the use of medication, while utilizing cutting edge tech to find solutions. Neurocore’s program, which lasts 30-sessions, has been successful so far. 84% of patients claimed to have experienced a reduction in their depression systems. 51% were completely cured of the effects. This new study is at the forefront of clinical depression treatment.


Matt Badiali Takes A Close Look At Cannabis

Most people know Matt Badiali for his viral freedom checks videos, but few realize that he is a legitimate investment source. Badiali has been an expert investor for decades, using his specific knowledge set to make good on numerous returns. The sector he operates in is natural resource investment, and Badiali knows what he is talking about. A featured expert for Banyan Hill, Matt Badiali writes two newsletters for average investors. Front Line Profits focuses on short term stock options, and Real Wealth Strategist discloses his projections for the natural resource market. Both newsletters are highly reliable, because Badiali performs field work to make them so.

Matt Badiali is an accomplished geologist. He has a Ph.D. in earth sciences and uses his knowledge to personally investigate natural resource companies. He travels around the world to get a first-hand look at a company’s operation. He uses what he learns to make actionable projections average-investors can use to make confident investments. His detailed knowledge of the market itself also leads him to little known perks he makes investors aware of. Perks like freedom checks. Badiali also watches the market closely, and right now his focus is on cannabis.

Cannabis sales in Canada are about to go up significantly because the country is preparing to fully legalize the substance. It will be the first G7 nation to do such a thing, and the prospects are igniting the Canadian cannabis market. According to numerous articles Matt Badiali has posted on twitter, the returns on future investments could skyrocket. Badiali takes to Twitter frequently to post articles on the newest developments in the resource market. The articles go from gold futures to emerging cannabis profits.

His most recent tweets focus on marijuana infused beer. It is a new sensation currently in development, one that many prospect will replace traditional smoking. Constellation Brand, the company behind Coors, is already looking into cannabis drinks. This combined with the emergence of more and more medical marijuana states has Badiali keeping a close eye on the cannabis market. According to him it is the market everyone should be investing in right now.

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Services Offered By Dr Rod Rohrich

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. is Dallas plastic surgeon and among the best in that city. He is known internationally for his expertise in plastic surgery. The surgeon offers various plastic surgery services as discussed below.


Rhinoplasty involves reshaping the nose. This surgical procedure changes the appearance, shape and the role of the nose. Rhinoplasty focuses on various features of the nose and its structures, including the nose tip, reduction of the dorsal hump and breathing problems. The doctor performs open and closed rhinoplasty. He prefers the open rhinoplasty since it offers a straightforward view and access to the basic nasal structures.


The plastic surgeon performs the modern face-lift to rectify the aging facial features. The modern face-lift is conducted utilizing lift and fill approaches that are advanced and personalized. The methods include lifting the face’s deeper layers and filling the cheek’s central area. He examines different features of patients and then evaluates the overall objective with the patient, before undertaking the surgery. This enables his patient to agree with him. Also, he personalizes the lift for each of the patient, because of the uniqueness of each circumstance.

Breast surgery

Breast growth and lift surgery help to improve the size, evenness, shape and aids in balancing the body proportions. The doctor closely works with his patients to offer a broad selection of the shapes and materials of breast implants, incision areas and options of implant placement that work best. These include utilization of saline and silicone gel breast implants, with prepectoral or subpectoral placements, and various possibilities for incision minimization.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty refers to correcting the surgery previously performed on a patient. As a result of the previous surgery and the delicate nasal structures, revision rhinoplasty is among the most difficult procedure performed by the surgeons.

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OSI Group is One of the Best Providers of Foods in the World

OSI Group is one of the best providers of food in the world, and they have grown from their humble roots as a butcher’s shop many years ago. They became one of the most famous partners of McDonald’s in the early days, and they are so big today that they work with people and facilities all around the world.

  1. What Is OSI Group?

OSI Group is a company that owns plants around the world that allow them to make food products for their closets customers. They send these products to places that are close to each plant, and they make certain that all their clients get something that is cold and fresh. They are known for fresh food, and they are expanding every year.

  1. Their Size

This is one of the largest companies in the world with outfits all over the globe that can provide the food ingredients that they sell to their clients. They want their clients to get foods that they will be pleased with, and they offer an online ordering system that helps clients place their orders in realtime. They get faster delivery, and they can be sure that their food is actually fresh.

  1. How Do They Expand?

OSI Group recently bought a couple large plants in the American west that allowed them to reach more customers. They ship with their own fleet, and they have found a lot of happy customers who order for their churches, schools, or cafeterias. They are willing to sell to a school that needs to buy for a month, or they could sell to a commercial facility that expects to buy at wholesale prices. It all depends on what the clients need, and there is something that will work for each customer.

  1. Their Histor

OSI was one of the first suppliers for the big expansion of McDonald’s, and they have been partners with many big companies over the years. They have the capacity to help anyone who needs bulk food ingredients.

  1. Conclusion

Someone who wants to spend much less on their food products can buy with OSI Group, and they can invest with this company if they need just one order or rolling orders. The online order system allows people to buy more for less, and they can plan their menus using this website. OSI is a titan in the industry, and they offer customer care that only a titan could give.

Gottlieb and Weisbrod Back Under One Roof

They were the masterminds behind two different healthcare companies and were separated for twenty years but, at long last, Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart and Weisbrod will finally be sharing a building once again. The two first co-founded a company known as Merlin Biomed Group in 1998 and, for almost a decade, it served as an investment management company dedicated to improving the healthcare sector and preventing people from going into debt because of unpaid medical bills.

Gottlieb served as the portfolio manager for the company and, despite their many years of success and prosperity, the company eventually ended up closing its doors back in 2007 at which point the two promptly parted ways. Gottlieb and Weisbrod would eventually go on to found separate companies as Weisbrod became the founder and CEO of Iguana Healthcare Partners whilst Gottlieb launched Visium Asset Management back in 2008. Of course, this was around the time of the stock market crash but, fortunately, Gottlieb managed to pull through and transform the company into an 8 billion dollar hedge fund with over 200 dedicated employees and offices in numerous major cities throughout the world such as NYC, San Francisco, and London.

Of course, all that success was eventually brought to an abrupt end after a whistleblower revealed there had been insider trading and mismarking occurring throughout the company for over two years now. Gottlieb himself was never actually charged with any crimes and the company never conceded to any malfeasance but, nevertheless, he did consent to pay out $10 million in reparations. Now that the two will be working together once more, it promises to be a fresh start for both businessmen as they seek to rebuild and begin a new project. It promises to offer some exciting prospects for the future of the healthcare industry.

Meet the Chief Investment Officer and Founder of Kerrisdale Capital—Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is an entrepreneur and CIO who holds the title of the Founder and Principal of Kerrisdale Capital Management. The firm was launched with assets not exceeding 1 million dollars. Currently, it manages 150 million dollars, recording from July of 2017. Because of his dedication, the exemplary leader has been able to influence the growth of the company from $1 million to $300 million as of 2014. Apart from being an entrepreneur, the CIO has always been a researcher and has published several journals.

His Dedication towards Publishing and Research

Apart from being a research publisher, Sahm Adrangi is famous for being a short seller, being an activist and research publisher focused on companies in the Chinese market. Because of this marketing approach, his company can get a total return of 180% each year. His company research aims at full correction of held misconceptions about various fundamental prospects of different firms.



Kerrisdale Capital management shares its findings on its domain website on Twitter, and on any other third-party related sites. The company’s research disseminates to institutional investors and Sahm Adrangi’s followers. The leader believes that the time and effort he spends on the study is worthwhile as it boosts the company’s annual revenue generated.

His efforts and focus on diverse sectors

Mr. Sahm Adrangi has always been doing tremendous work on his company’s policies, putting his emphasis on research about a wide range of firms and industries. Recently, he worked tirelessly, spearheading efforts on specific areas where his company has improved expertise. Biotechnology has been one of the sectors that the company has been focusing on, and has prepared and issued research about the developments including Sage Therapeutic, Zafgen, Bavarian Nordic, Pulse Bioscience, Unilife and many others. Mining has also been another sector to focus on, and Adrangi has highlighted the market valuations and prospects of mining companies including First Majestic Silver and other mining companies. He has also taken part in many different activities in other several investments such as the engagement with Lindsay Corporation Management.

Insite Into Randal Nardone – Co Founder Of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone got his beginnings at the University of Connecticut by earning his degree in science, majoring in biology and English. He went on to obtain his Juris Doctor’s degree or J.D. at the Boston Unniversity School of Law. He worked for USB for a time and became Managing Director, then went on to further his career aa a Principle at Black Rock Financial Management Company.

After he got some more experience under his belt, Randal Nardone co founded Fortress Investment Group LLC with colleagues Wesley R. Edens and Rob Kauffman. They founded Fortress as a private equity business. The investment company first began concentrating on real estate investments, debt securities, and hedge funds. The first ten years were exciting for Randal and his co founders. They quickly grew with their cutting edge alternative investing strategy. A few years later, Randal Nardone and Fortress Investment Group became the first publicly traded investment firm in the markets.

Randal Nardone was the Cheif Operating Officer for Fortress Investment Group and responsible for overseeing the financial structure and any legal situations facing the business. He is still a very active part of the company sitting on the Board of Directors. He is well trusted within the business and with clients as well.

The Japanese investment firm SoftBank Group acquired Fortress Investment Group recently and kept Randal and the investing management team. As part of the deal, Fortress is able to continue as an independant company. This allows them to continue their alternative investing strategy which will strengthen the company even more. This deal with SoftBank will enable Fortress to continue to grow at a fast pace. It was a good deal for investors too as shares were purchased at a profitable price. SoftBank and Fortress will continue to grow at the multi billion dollars level.

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