Article Title: Unveils The First Successful Participants Of Its AI Accelerator Program

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China’s largest retailer,, has been involved in some of the most innovative technological programs in the world. Keeping this in mind, it isn’t surprising to see it making strides in the artificial intelligence sector.

While the firm has taken many in house initiatives to progress along the path of AI, it was one of its external efforts that brought it the most attention in the past few months.

In August 2018, announced its AI accelerator program, which was an initiative to support AI-based startups and early stage companies. In what could be described as part investment and part support arm of the firm’s overall operations, the AI accelerator brought mix of financing and ancillary operations to the table for these startups.

More than six months have passed since that announcement, which is ample time to see how the initiative’s first run turned out to be Has Received Tremendous Success With Its AI Accelerator

In an event held in March 2019, finally unveiled how its efforts translated into the real world.

As a part of the initiative, 16 startups from different sectors of technology had entered the program. At the recent event, the conglomerate announced that over 80 percent of those participants have debuted their innovations through and its subsidiaries.

Ranging from education to shopping, and from legal to healthcare, the startups came from different backgrounds to approach various use cases of AI.

Through the support of, it’s financing, and its various divisions such as training and mentoring, product, marketing, and legal services, these startups were able to develop solutions with optimal speed and resources.

And that was not all, since also provided these startups with access to its own APIs and databases, so they could develop their AI-based solutions with the utmost ease. The option to have them integrated with JD businesses also gave then the assurance that their solutions would actually be used by tens to hundreds of people in a single day.

With the success of the program, announced the next round of supporting participants, which will this time include 17 startups and companies.

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