CEO Steve Ritchie Apologizes the Right Way

Steve Ritchie is no Johnny come lately, who prior to his appointment to the chief executive officer position had no meaningful relations Papa John’s. In actuality, for over 22 years, he has been faithfully involved with Papa John’s in one capacity of another. Steve Richie began his relationship with Papa John’s in 1996, starting at what equates to a bottom position, as an hourly customer service rep. Other roles he has held at Papa John’s includes being a delivery driver, a GM, a director of operations. He affair with Papa John’s even resulted in him becoming a franchise owner. Prior to serving Papa John’s International Inc. in the capacity of CEO, Steve Ritchie served as chief operating officer and as president, a position he still holds.

As Papa John’s chief executive officer, it is necessary that Steve Ritchie is able to effectively handle any adverse situation that may arise. As such, with trust in Papa John’s at an all-time low, Steve Ritchie crafted a wonderful letter of apology in a tremendous effort to begin the process of regaining the trust of their customers in particular and the public at large. In the letter of apology, Steve Ritchie expressly apologizes by saying, “I’m sorry.” The apology was simple but unequivocal and considered a good move on the CEO’s part. Steve Ritchie proceeded to state what Papa John’s stands for and the values the company holds dear. According to Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s is a company that greatly values diversity and inclusiveness and will take measures to ensure their presence at the company. The CEO also assured their customers that any racist behaviors by employees will never be tolerated by him nor Papa John’s.

Knowing that assurances and words alone will not suffice, Steve Ritchie outlined a plan of action. Independent outside people with no affiliation to Papa John’s will be hired to audit the company’s culture, diversity, and inclusiveness to show that the company is up to snuff in these respects. Senior members of management team will be sent out to gather feedback from employees and franchisees to discover a path on which the company may move forward.


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