Alex Hern—Entrepreneur and CEO Tsunami XR

The co-founder and CEO, Tsunami XR, Alex Hern has been an entrepreneur for more than 25 years and is enthusiastic about technology and its developments. In an interview by Ideamensch, Alex records that one of the ways he has managed to run all his businesses is by focusing on a single activity and not multitasking.

Apart from Tsunami XR, Alex has co-founded several other IT companies including ArcSight, Military Commercial Technologies and Inktomi Goldman Sachs Limited that served MSN, Yahoo and other major companies.

Alex Hern founded Tsunami XR in 2014, which he says was inspired by the need to provide software platforms that would aid in the transition from use of CPUs to GPUs. Tsunami XR provides improved and virtual 3D simulations and animations to provide real solutions.

Among the things that interest Hern are Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. However, his latest interest in virtual reality has revealed a vision for tech that had not been encountered before.

Virtual Reality (VR) has mainly been used in the gaming industry aiming at giving the gamer real experience by covering their eyes using certain devices. However, according to Alex Hern, this can be made more real by engaging almost all human senses including smell, taste and touch. This can be ground-breaking for the tech industry.

When asked during the interview by Ideamensch, Alex notes that there are a few challenges he encounters in his work. One is the changing macroeconomic atmosphere that leads to losses in his business. Despite this challenge, he advises that as an entrepreneur, one should be ready for such occurrences because while they are not entirely avoidable, they are manageable.

Tsunami XR is at the forefront of changing the tech market by implementing Alex’s perception of VR’s future. Some analysts have predicted the market to shoot to $209.2 billion in the next 4-5 years.

Alex Hern says that focus is what helps an individual to achieve goals no matter the obstacles. Another take away is that one should not be afraid to fail and when they do, the best thing to do is to learn.

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