Accomplishments Of OSI Industries Today And Yesterday

OSI Food Solution has taken steps to manage environmental risks and their efforts have not gone unnoticed. They had received five stars for organizing their shop floor to reflect important environmental measures such as food safety, energy conservation, water sanitation, house sanitation, and pest sanitation. In both 2015 and 2016, the global food giant, OSI Industries received a Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council for demonstrating how organized their plan to manage environmental risks was to an independent group of food safety specialists. OSI industries acquired Creative Foods Europe back in late 2016 as another step toward producing products worldwide.

OSI Industries continued to be a worldwide food production leader over the last century. The company’s Chief Executive Officer has attributed leadership as a key factor in establishing excellence and believes inspiring his employees is more efficient than just legislating to them. He believes his team works harder from the boardroom to the shop floor because they are motivated to do well for the company.

Not only has OSI Industries received awards for excellence, but they continue to grow in addition to thriving. The American based corporation began in Chicago at the beginning of the 1900s. OSI started as a local butcher shop, but over the decades have continued to be an influential supplier of various meat products such as steaks, chicken nuggets, chicken patties, and pork. They are now a leader in providing restaurants with frozen food to keep costs down. Through the innovation of flash freezing back in the 1950s, they have successfully created new product expansions and have kept consumer prices down. OSI Industries were also able to provide mass production to McDonald’s as it grew in 1955 which led to expansion for the food supplier as well.

OSI Group has transitioned from a regional supplier of food chains to a recognizable global leader. The early butcher company has now transitioned to a global company as changes in the management team took place. As a result, new direction in the company has allowed it to grow as well as paying attention to important environmental health needs.

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