A Review of How EOS Lip Balm Pleases All Five Senses

If you mention the word “lip balm,” most women will either talk about how they favor EOS or likely pull one out of their purse. I am obsessed with the little round orbs and keep one on my nightstand, one in the bathroom, one on my work desk, one in my car and, as I mentioned, one or two in my purse at all times. I literally have a tiny glass ball that is just filled with the colorful little orbs including limited edition EOS lip balms that are no longer available

What I didn’t know was that EOS is actually designed to pleasure all five senses. Before EOS, lip balm felt very medicinal, and it typically smelled and tasted that way as well. EOS changed all of that and the little brightly colored lip balm balls truly do please all five senses.

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The bright color of the EOS sphere is designed to please your sight. The shape of the round ball is designed to please the touch sensory due to the fact that it is something different than a traditional lip balm. Additionally, the tiny little divot for your thumb is designed to be ergonomically effective when opening and closing the EOS sphere. As you open and close the EOS sphere, you notice a small click. That click was purposely designed to please your sense of sound. I can admit, it is one of my favorite things that keep me applying EOS even more than I actually need to. Sometimes when I’m pondering a work decision I find myself just clicking it for the calm of the noise. It isn’t too hard to know that the rich, wonderful scent of each EOS flavor is designed to treat your sense of smell and the delicious flavors, many of which are a pairing of two flavors, are created to treat your taste buds and lips (Allure).


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