Randal Nardone’s career and his legacy in the flourishment of Fortress investment group

Randal Nardone is well known in the financial sector as an exemplary leader who is capable of turning the status of business into the success. He went to the University of Connecticut where he attained his undergraduate degree in English and biology as well as Boston University School of Law where he achieved his J.D. Today Randal Nardone is the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group where he has served for a significant number of years since he found the company.Before founding Fortress Group, he was able to work in a vast number of other companies both public and private companies. Some of the figures and the positions he served in are Brookdale senior living, principal of Blackrock Financial Management, Managing director of UBS as well as well as an executive committee of one of the largest law firms in the United States known as Thacher Proffit and Wood.

Besides being the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone has also been a member of management committee since the company was started and the member of the board of directors. He is also currently the Director of Eurocastle Investment limited, and he was also a board of director of Alea Group Holdings. Something about him is that in all the companies that he has ever been in a position to work in, he has always tried his best to leave a great legacy by contributing to the making of their success stories.Today, Randal Nardone holds a high position in the list of Forbes billionaires and much of his wealth is said to be in Fortress Investment Group. He is also ranked as the 557th billionaire in the United States.

Under his leadership at Fortress Investment Group, the company has been able to undergo rapid growth and development because of his incredible leadership skills. Fortress Investment Group has also received a vast number of awards during his reign in the company. Some of the prizes include management firm of the year by HFMWeek, a couple of Credit Focused Fund of the year awards and the Discretionary Macro-focused Hedge Fund of the year by the institutional investor. Additionally, the company has also been able to make significant acquisitions with other companies such as the acquisition with the Softbank that ended early this year. Also, the company has a considerable number of assets under its management which are divided between private equities, credit funds, and liquid hedge funds. It is evident that in the coming years Fortress Investment Group will have experienced much more growth than it has now.

Learning How To Blast Through the To-do List With Upwork

People who may struggle with getting things done in their lives may have heard that they have to make a list and get organized. However, even when it comes to making a list, there might be other struggles to getting through that to-do list. One thing that can make a difference between a hard to-do list and an easy to-do list is writing everything down. In this fast paced world of stress, it can be easy to forget certain things. Fortunately, writing things down and then keeping the information safe is one way to make sure that every task for the day is remembered.

Another struggle that Upwork talks about when it comes to making a to-do list is how many different places a list is. One of the worst things an individual can do is make an incomplete list on paper, then make other incomplete lists in different places. This can cause the individual to have to look in different places in order to know everything that they have to do for the day. A better idea is to keep everything in one place. As a matter of fact, this is the one and only idea that makes sense when it comes to a to-do list.

Another thing that Upwork suggests is prioritizing. Sometimes, a task that is on the to-do list might be very important and time consuming to the point that one might not be able to get to the other tasks before the day is over. This is where prioritizing comes in. It is important to decide what is more important to get done. In many cases, the time consuming task is something that is very urgent. Therefore, it is a good idea to get that out of the way so that it does not become a bigger problem somewhere down the line.


Trusted Leadership And Magnificence: Heather Russell

Taking the reins at a credit Powerhouse such as TransUnion is not an easy job for any individual. But having a qualified background in banking and law, these are two qualities that will make the handling of day-to-day credit operations more tolerable. The powerhouse TransUnion has just received a jolt of inspiration and accomplishment with Heather Russell becoming the Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer.

As being one of the major three credit reporting agencies in the United States, TransUnion has a worldwide presence in over 30 countries. As being known for credit reports, credit repair, and credit disputes, TransUnion is often the go-to when banking decisions and housing decisions are to be made by companies at large. This is where Heather Russell shines forth because she has many years of banking experience and many years of legal experience. Upon first sight, it is to be noted that she has held awesome positions of banking with some of the nation’s biggest Banks. From Bank of America where she served as senior vice president and Associate General Counsel to her serving as the Global Chief Regulatory Counsel for the Bank of New York Mellon. She has a rather diverse history for all things monetarily and this will only serve to elevate her within the world of TransUnion itself.

According to TransUnion’s website, legal acuity stems from the famed law firm Buckley Sandler. Although Buckley Sandler has two firms between New York and Washington DC, Heather Russell made it her obligation to travel between both. With her determination and vision, she soon became a very valued party within the firm where she serves since 2016 as the head of Buckley Sanders Financial Institutions Regulations Supervision and Technology practice. While specializing in financial technology and banking, Heather Russell worked as an Adjunct professor at Boston University School of Law.

Click here for source: https://www.law.com/corpcounsel/2018/05/30/heather-russell-heads-back-in-house-as-clo-of-transunion/?slreturn=20180525114558

Awesome Things You Can Learn From Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction Company owned by David Farbaky; and deals mainly in roofing, gutter, side replacement for its customers, it’s located in southern Wisconsin and also Illinois. When given a project, Aloha construction focuses on identifying the main issue with its customer’s roof and comes up with a lasting solution. In every roofing project assigned to them, they give out a ten-year warranty to its clients. All Aloha Construction employees are licensed and insured. Staff who want to join Aloha Construction go through training in the vinyl siding institute where they get their certificate.


Aloha construction has launched mold removal services, interior remodeling, and water damage restoration. They also offer carpet cleaning services, and fire damage restoration. Plans of having their employees trained on disaster recovery are underway and its location in Lake Zurich. The company ensures customers receive the best services from its employees this has resulted in sound ethical practices. It has partnered with Learning Express where they launched a toy shop, through their charitable work, it encouraged residents to help a family in need.


Children from a family are supposed to select toys in one minute and would go home with them at no cost. Children with illness also participate like a twelve-year-old child who had congenital heart surgery where he and his friends involved in the box suite game. These games aim to help children with cancer get proper treatment by donating five dollars. The company also sponsors hockey tournaments and baseball games played by children.


Last year, Aloha Company was given an award by the Better Business Bureau called torch award. The reason behind this move was the company ethical code of conduct which was exceedingly good compared to other companies. The scholarship mainly focuses on leadership, best practice, organization ethics and costumer benefiting practices. They check if the leaders in the company have good ethics and how they engage their employees, how they communicate to each other, approach of customers, the management of the whole practice if it is benefiting the employees and the organization as a whole and also their service to the community. They also check on the human resource department and the criteria they use when hiring.


Peter Briger Is the Right Man for Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger Is the Right Man for Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is one of the principals at Fortress Investment Group. He has worked with other stakeholders to grow the company to its current state. Peter Briger is the President of the company and is associated with other companies. Peter went to Princeton University, for his degree and the University of Pennsylvania for an MBA. He is associated with Acumen Fund Incorporation, Spearhead Capital, and Drive Shack Inc. Peter Briger has been on the Board of Directors in the company since 2006 and became the co-chairman in 2009. He was chosen as a co-chairman when the board saw analyzed his achievements over the years. He has a reputation which has enabled him to get good job positions in companies he has worked for.

Peter has a professional experience in investment and finance for several years and this gives him an added advantage in the market. He is a renowned leader and a professional. He has been a partner with Sachs and Goldman Corporation before moving to Fortress. When he was at the company, he was privileged to attend several committees such as executive Committee, Asian Management Committee and Global Control Committee. These committees gave him insight into the global market and how to succeed. He also served in co-head positions and sales department. Holding different positions informed him about what goes into forming a company and how to be unique. Fortress Investment Group is an investment management company which is based in New York. After joining the group in 2002, Peter performance was exceptional and moved through the ranks.

It did not take long before he was chosen to oversee the company’s credit business. His work was to check underrated credit investments in the company. Peter Briger did not disappoint in his new role and soon found himself in a better position. Aside from his position at Fortress Investment Group, he is also holding a post at the Board of Directors at Princeton University Investment Group. He has an MBA in business administration and has worked in different companies to build his brand. Fortress Investment Group has one of the best brains in the market and under Briger’s leadership; the company will go a long way. His affiliation with other companies shows that he is determined and hard working to give quality service. Moreover, he is known for developing and maintaining good relationships with customers. Peter loves giving back to the community and donates to charity organizations whenever he can.

Dr. Saad Saad’s influence in pediatric surgery operations

Dr. Saad Saad is a retired pediatric surgeon from New Jersey. He was born in Palestine, grew up in Kuwait and now living in the United States. His story is an inspiration especially to people who might look at their origin and doubt how much they can achieve. These people need to realize that there no limit to what they can achieve. The limits we see in our lives are mainly caused by the obstacles we put for ourselves. With the right dedication, everyone can accomplish all the dreams they might have. Saad proved that an immigrant could come into the United States and be a high profile medical practitioner in the country.


Dr. Saad Saad studied at the University of Cairo before moving to England where he had his internship. After the internship, he was offered an opportunity in the United States. When he moved there, he worked hard to get the medical practitioners certification as a pediatric surgeon. This is not a tag that comes easy. At times, you have to struggle for many years, doing exams which will finally lead to one being a board-certified surgeon. Saad obtained all this despite the challenges that he faced as an immigrant in the United States.


Dr. Saad had the opportunity for working with a high profile clients. In the 1980s, he was hired by the Saudi Royals to serve a private pediatric surgeon at the King Faisal Hospital. This was a great honor which had been bestowed on him. Not many professionals in the whole of their careee4rs get an opportunity to work for the royal families. King Faisal Hospital was used by all the royal families in the Middle East. Although the treatment here was only for the wealthy, some poor people from around the Middle East would be brought to the facility for specialized care. Saad was the final word in this facility; he would decide if a patient would be treated in the county or airlifted to better facilities in Europe and America. Hs opinion on medical matters was highly respected.


Dr. Saad served in the Middle East for four and half years. In this period, he performed operations to numerous people. He did a surgical operation to the youngest kid ever and even documented the operations so that other medical students would learn from his achievements. Dr. Saad Saad greatest achievement was serving the poor people. He felt that this was the special group that needed to be supported even while working at King Faisal, he loved opportunities where he would serve the poor because he understood where they were coming from. He went through a similar childhood as a refugee. He hopes to change the lives of poor children especially from his origin in Palestine. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/saad-saad/

EOS Lip Balms: Hydration and Shine For Your Lips

The YouTube video from Beauty Broadcast Express discusses EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm. The woman in the video holds the colorful lip balms up and shows their fun packaging and visual appeal.

These lip balms come in adorable pastel pink and blue packaging with fun vibrant stripes. In the video the woman mentions that these lip balms go on very smooth and silky and with not too much moisture. She even mentions that EOS Lip Balms act as a good primer for lipsticks or gloss due to the fact they don’t over moisturize your lips and are non greasy. She discussed that the lip balms are also more natural and read on the label that they are paraben and gluten free. She explained in the video that the EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balms are 99% natural. EOS offers a couple different formulations currently on the market.

There is a medicated lip balm from EOS that has a tangerine scent and also a lemon scent lip balm that has SPF in it. The EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm also includes vitamin C along with shea butter and vitamin E to make your lips silky and soft. These EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balms come in two scents Coconut Milk and Vanilla Mint, which the woman in the video describes as both having a very nice and subtle scent. Both of the lip balms apply smoothly and have a nice hydrating texture (Amazon). The lip balms also have no tint or color and give your lips a perfect amount of shine.

For more reading, click mapleholistics.com.


Roseann Bennett LMFT And Mental Health Awareness

Marriage is a partnership between two people. This union is ever changing, as we, human beings, are always changing and evolving. But sometimes, one person in a seemingly happy marriage suffers from depression. Depression can be caused by a specific event, or events, chemical imbalance or hereditary. It is an obstacle that needs to be recognized, addressed and treated. Roseann Bennett has had over a decade of experience working with depression and the effects it can have on a relationship.


Roseann Bennett has received her M.S. from Seton Hall University in marriage and family therapy. Bennett also earned her Post Master’s from the Reach Institute specializing in cognitive behavior therapy. Bennett is also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, along with a Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional.


Roseann is the Co-Founder of the Center for Treatment and Assessment located in Hackettstown, New Jersey. Bennett and her partner, Dr. Todd Bennett are committed to helping couples and families regardless of their income or insurance. Roseann Bennett is very passionate about her work using her skills and giving her services to people who might not be able to receive excellent care elsewhere due to their financial situation.


Depression affects approximately 15 million adults living in the United States alone. Is is one of the reasons so many marriages end in divorce. It is very confusing for one partner in a relationship to feel happy and content while the other partner is extremely sad, experiencing moods swings, eating irregularities, social fears and the need to isolate themselves. Read more Why Self-Care Is An Important Part Of Any Business Strategy


It is difficult to come to the diagnosis of depression, as it is very hard to see that a person is depressed if you are very closely intertwined with them on a regular basis. This is an area that Roseann has had success working in, helping come up with the proper diagnosis and an effective treatment plan. See This Page for related information.


May is mental health awareness month, and Roseann is hoping to enlighten us as to the overwhelming negative impacts of depression on all walks of life, and to let us know that there is help, and treatment can be successful.


More on https://www.roseannbennett.net/news/

Stephen M. Hicks and Southridge Capital: Brief Overviews on Entrepreneur and Company

Southridge Capital gives to public companies structured finance and advisory. It has a commitment to assisting diverse client group to meet needs they have by giving out a full range of financial solutions of innovation.


The structured finance facet of services that Southridge Capital has is a demand for results of credit enhancing, financing solutions, and securitization. Southridge’s team is mindful of the truth that companies that require financing aren’t taking advantage of the opportunities they may hold. They have a thinking that is “outside of the box”. A fix of Securitization that is given by Southridge is a devise of the current asset base from loans over capital, insider shares, or a verity of different assets. Something else given out by Southridge is the Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA), this allows companies to move up capital based on their aspirations and ambitions.


The CEO of Southridge Capital is Stephen M. Hicks. He is also the founding partner as well. The thought for Southridge had come when he had worked at a little hedge fund in New York, this is where the principal wanted to go back to Australia. It would take him about a year to get comfortable and Hicks thought he should begin his own hedge fund. The principal then gave Hicks the consent to begin Southridge while working for the principal.


Stephen M. Hicks has his ideas come to life with the factor of experience. Southridge has been in the little section of Wall St. for about twenty years. There are many people who come to them with companies who require financing. They can also utilize their criteria of searching to look or companies who appear like they need the help of Southridge.


A habit of Southridge Capital that gives entrepreneur Hicks more productivity is the center and daily list on cash proceeds that come every day from the portfolio. If he could give himself advice to his past self he would do less details and center on cash rather than coming back and not putting money that’s good following the bad one’s.



Read more: https://ideamensch.com/stephen-hicks/


Click here: http://newyork.citybizlist.com/article/286326/southridge-capital-entered-into-a-new-5-million-equity-purchase-agreement-with-andalay-solar


HCR Wealth Advisors Offers Some Crucial Advice Related to Retirement

HCR Wealth Advisors is a wealth manager and registered investment advisory firm that was founded in 1988. The company is dedicated to offering its clients investment and other financial strategies that help them to weather the storms of their lives. Generally speaking, financial planning is the main focus of retirement, and for good reason. But the truth is that there are other factors to consider. Non-financial aspects of retirement should also be considered, and some of these include physical changes, intellectual considerations, emotional changes, and psychological changes that people must face.

According to glassdoor, the team at HCR Wealth Advisors knows all-too-well that many retirees deal with a feeling of lost identity when they retire, and this has to do with transitioning from a working life to a life of retirement. The “New Retirement” looks closer at the changes that people go through during their retirement, which includes their outlook on aging and staying healthy, changes in their family life, what they choose to do with their leisure time, and their personal development. When people don’t prepare for their retirement, they can be in for a rude awakening when they find themselves bored, tired, in bad health, and frustrated. Instead of just focusing on the financial part of retiring, people should be thinking more about the non-financial parts.

HCR Wealth Advisors is on a mission to work with people throughout the entire course of their lives. By alerting their clients to financial risks and unexpected occurrences, the company helps to prepare them for anything that might come up. Confidentiality and security are a top concern at HCR Wealth Advisors, and many of the clients that work with the company stay on for many years due to the fact that they are comfortable and trust the team at HCR Wealth Advisors. In a financial world that tries to push a one-size-fits-all agenda, the firm works with the individual to tailor a plan made just for them. The company has been around for more than 25 years working with clients to make their lives better, and they want people to know that retirement should not be looked on as the end but, instead, a new beginning. You can ask HCR Wealth Advisors today through Facebook and Twitter.

Here are the members of HCR Wealth Advisors: http://members.beverlyhillschamber.com/list/member/hcr-wealth-advisors-52769

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