New EOS review with Aloe.

EOS lip balm has many great collections, this specific review is about the EOS Aloe SPF 30 lip balm ( Let’s start with ingredients, after going through every ingredient it is decided this balm is not as natural as some others from EOS, Howeve,  it is still about 90% natural ingredients.

The color mix for the packaging is very fun and pretty of a sea-foam green base with a darker version of the same color striped around the lid. The lot number, name and expiration date are all included on the package. It seems with the softer EOS packaging they are very prone to scratches, and for collectors that may not be a likable trait. No problem here though because the product is way more important than the packaging.

When you open the lid you are greeted with a very nice, sweet, welcoming smell, and a beautiful shine. If you mix honey suckle and honey dew with aloe, that is what you’ll be smelling, see Allure. This particular balm is very thin which is good or bad based on personal opinion. It has a floral or perfumy after taste which is not bad at all. Price wise it is very affordable unlike some other EOS lip balms.

They were not kidding when it said water resistant, it stays on perfectly. There is a slight shine when you put on the product but It could still be a very gender neutral balm. The EOS Aloe balm reviewed was rated a 9 out of 10 it is highly recommended for everyone. It is by far one of the better EOS lip balms that have come out recently.

Nourish Your Lips With The Benefits Of EOS Today

If you’re interested in being a part of the new Crystal lip balm revolution, you can find their products on the beauty care aisle of select retailers (Amazon). They offer a new wax-free formula that promises not to leave any chaffing or sticky feeling on your lips. You can improve the moisture of your lips within 30 days of using EOS lip balm products. You can fortify your skin with the essence of eleven essential vitamins and amino acids. Love the way your lips look and feel with the unique benefits of pure ingredients safe for all skin types including overly sensitive skin.

Most people have been raving about their completely invisible packaging that is even cuter that the original. It offers a circular container with a absolutely see through container. You’ll know when you’re about to run out and could benefit from their dual pack offers. You will have a very useful beauty care product that is priced under $5. The new Crystal lip balm also makes a great anytime gift for someone special or a stocking stuffer for young adults. Revolutionize your skin with a completely all-natural lip balm without the threat of having to worry about harmful additives.

The new Crystal line offers free shipping promotional offers directly on their website. Evolution of website can help you learn how to pamper your skin with organic lip balms and other products. Join the organic skin care revolution and maintain the youthful appearance of your lips without exceeding your budget. They would also like to offer their wearers the opportunity to choose from truly amazing flavors with exclusive moisture only unique to the EOS brand.  See for more reading.


EOS Introduces Sleek New Packaging for Its New Vegan Crystal Lip Balm

EOS lip balm from Pop Sugar has undergone a major glow upfor its new vegan crystal lip balm. This lip balm is wax-less meaning you do not have to contend with that sticky feeling on your mouth as is the case with other lip balms. In this latest launch, EOS has gone for a completely see-through, and futuristic revamp, making this the craziest signature change the brand has ever gone through. Instead of its sleek, spherical shape, EOS has gone for a new pyramid-shaped container. Once you get accustomed to this sleek, new packaging and open it to view what is inside, it only gets better. Inside is a crystal clear, hypoallergenic salve made of a natural blend of sheer butter with coconut, and castor, avocado and sunflower oils. The lip balm is available in two flavors: Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid, created to hydrate your mouth while giving you a stylish finish to your chosen look. Above all, the lip balm is retailing for $5 only, making it more affordable compared to your lunch.

How EOS Took Over the Lip Balm Industry

Approximately eight years ago, no one would have guessed how fast the lip balm market would be transformed. Old industry players like Chapstick had boring cylindrical packaging for lip balm, which also came in a tasteless original flavor. The best flavors of lip balm you could get at the time were cherry or mint, limiting consumers’ choices until EOS joined the market (

Innovation in the Lip Balm Industry

With the entry of EOS into the market, the industry has undergone a major revamp. Specifically targeted for females, the brand has changed how women relate to lip balm. It is now a source of joy and a pleasure to apply. Instead of going with traditional cylindrical packaging, the brand opted for pastel-colored orbs of lip balm. It also introduced a myriad of flavors such as grapefruit and honeydew that had never been seen in the market before. The company continues to work on new collections to ensure consumers get variety on the shelves.

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Jorge Moll, Neuroscientist, Makes Dream of Helping People Come True

Jorge Moll grew up with one simple goal: helping people who suffered from conditions that negatively affected their quality of life. With that goal in mind, Jorge Moll received his MD in Neuroscience from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He later completed his residency there too. He also received his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology from Sao Paulo University.


Jorge Moll is the President and Board Member of D’Or Institute of Research and Education.

Moll has worked hard to get where he is. He’s not only involved in IDOR, Jorge Moll is also the Director of the Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience Unit (CBNU). In addition to that busy schedule, he is also involved in Neuroinformatics Workshop. The workshop is a top-ranked diagnostic and imaging laboratory.


Failure Doesn’t Define Jorge Moll.

Jorge Moll has had many successes in his pursuit to help people affected my serious medical conditions. He has also suffered through a lot of failures. According to Moll, his failures have stemmed from not obtaining the type of results he wanted or having those results take entirely too long. He said there was no real solution and that is what makes failure occur. However, it is important to play with your strategy’s weaknesses and strengths to find lessons connected to the failure.


Jorge Moll does attribute the Success and Growth of his Business to One Thing.

Moll said he has one strategy for helping people with medication. This one strategy has helped him grow his business and become a success. What is the strategy? His passionate belief that people can change their realities. By changing their realities, they can positively impact companies and lives. This means by simply doing interesting things you can make a positive change in someone’s reality.


Jorge Moll has One More Business Idea He May Pursue in the Future.

When asked if he had any business ideas that he would like to people a preview, he shared one business idea. Jorge Moll said he’d like to start a company that meets people’s needs. He would make entering a hospital and make it memorable and enjoyable. He didn’t go into detail about how he would make it happen.

PSI-Pay Explains the Pros and Cons of European-Style Digital Wallets

With European-style digital wallets, travelers have the benefit of instant access to multiple currencies. Money for purchases is usually drawn from a bank account. ATMs can be accessed and Cryptocurrencies like BitCoin can be converted to government-issued currency using a digital wallet.

There are individuals and companies that use digital wallets exclusively. Anyone contemplating following that example needs to know a few things.

Be certain that in your community you can digitally purchase the goods and services you need. Many local businesses may not take mobile payments. Conflicts arising from the use of a digital wallet like chargebacks must be handled by the wallet’s provider. To protect consumers digital wallet providers are legally required to maintain safeguarded bank accounts.

The US and the European Union both protect bank accounts. As of this writing, there are no such protections in place for digital wallets. This is of particular concern to people and businesses that carry a high balance in their digital account.

Issues arising from the use of a digital wallet like fraudulent charges must be handled by the wallet’s provider. To protect consumers digital wallet providers are legally required to maintain safeguarded bank accounts.

Banks offer other advantages over going strictly digital. By law currency kept in digital wallets cannot draw interest. The providers cannot provide overdraft protection or loans. To offset these rules providers may reduce the fees on large balances.


In related news PSI-Pay and Kerv have partnered. PSI-Pay brings their Master Card License to the partnership. Globally Kerv customers can now use the company’s contactless payment ring globally in 38 million locations.

The word “ring” refers to a finger ring that eliminates the need to carry a wallet or card. When you make a purchase you swipe the ring as you would a credit or debit card.

Operating in the United Kingdom PSI-Pay is a Fintech company that is regulated by UK law. PSI-Pay provides payment solutions to companies. Kerv is an alternative payment company.

Kerv users can use debit or credit cards to load their account. Paypal and transfer from bank accounts may also be used.

Roseannetangrs Reviews Two EOS Lip Balms

After hearing a lot about the EOS lip balms, YouTuber roseannetangrs was excited when she was gifted two of the much hyped scents from a friend, Strawberry Sorbet and Passion Fruit, which she reviewed on her channel.

Starting with a bare lip, she applied the balm. Her first impression of the little spherical product was that it was not heavy, sticky, or gross like many other lip products often are. She said it went on very smooth, and her lips felt really nice, check

Both balls had a good scent, with the Strawberry Sorbet reminding her of strawberries and cream, and the Passion Fruit smelling like it’s namesake, with a hint of shea butter

Her favorite part of the EOS line by far is the packaging ( They come in a small ball or sphere with side grips that fits in the palm of your hand. She absolutely could not stop talking about how cute and adorable they are or how they remind her of little Easter eggs. She absolutely loved it.

Roseannetangrs liked the product. She pointed out how the balm itself is colorless, which means consumers can apply it, then apply their lip color over it, giving them a comfortable wear all day.


Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus

The medical industry is going through numerous changes with new technology available. Although some of these changes are positive, many experienced medical professionals have to adapt to a new world.

Eric Lefkofsky is a passionate business owner and leader within this community. He firmly believes that he can find a cure for cancer in the coming years. After working in other industries and gaining valuable experience, Eric Lefkofsky started a company in the medical industry. He decided to start a company for several reasons. Not only did he want to make a positive impact on others, but he was tired of working for other people.


Tempus is the company that Eric Lefkofsky started. It is a medical research company that has done great work in the field so far. Eric Lefkofsky firmly believes that costs in the pharmaceutical industry should be lower. He thinks that technology can make the cost of various medical treatments more affordable. He is also a political activist who believes the entire industry should change to help customers. He is tired of seeing his patients struggle to afford necessary medical care. He also developed a basic routine for people who want to live a healthy lifestyle each day.

Lifestyle Habits

There are various lifestyle habits that people can utilize to reduce their chances of developing an illness. By eating a healthy diet, people can drastically reduce their odds of various health issues. Some people do not realize all of the adverse changes that take place in the body from an unhealthy lifestyle. Eric Lefkofsky also recommends that people exercise on a daily basis. Without exercise, it is hard for people to reach any of their health goals. Now is the perfect time for Eric Lefkofsky to invest for the future. With new technology available, he firmly believes that he is close to a cure.

Richard Dwayne Blair and Wealth Solutions Help Clients Prosper

Wealth Solutions is the company that was founded by Richard Dwayne Blair and it puts his comprehensive financial knowledge to work for his clients. He has developed great expertise in the areas of retirement planning and wealth management that enable people to enjoy a peace of mind knowing that their assets are growing and protected. The financial acumen that he employs has been refined over the years so that his skills can be a difference maker.

The financial plans that Blair helps his clients put in place are based on a Three Pillar approach that takes key factors into consideration. Different stages of life are also carefully deliberated so that every milestone can be approached with a minimum of stress. It’s comforting for clients to know that he’s carefully analyzed their particular situation and sound financial plans are in place.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a firm believer that everyone should have a financial roadmap that is uniquely designed for them. This is exactly what he sets out to do with this First Pillar. During this phase, he builds a relationship with the client and helps them determine their goals. He also spends time helping them decide how much risk is appropriate for their situation.

The power of long-term investing is foundational to any plan for building wealth and this is the Second Pillar. This is implemented in line with the client’s risk tolerance and their liquidity needs. Blair is an active manager with great experience in maximizing returns when market conditions are favorable. He is also adept at defensive strategies that help protect portfolios when the market turns down.

Finally, the Third Pillar concerns actually putting custom plans in place and monitoring performance. Blair uses different metrics for this and they include client expectations and comparison to benchmarks to name a couple.

Richard Dwayne Blair has been making a difference in the financial lives of many in the Austin, Tx. area and its surroundings. He has been inspired by the teachers in his family and enjoys doing the same in the world of wealth management. He founded Wealth Solutions in 1994 to provide a higher quality of service to his clients.


Roles played by Southridge Capital

This is a private investment group that is concerned with providing a complete range of innovative financial solutions to public companies worldwide. Southridge Capital is a Connecticut based equity firm found in the United States of America. It was founded in 1996 and ever since, it has maintained its excellent reputation in the field of business. Below is a brief summary about the firm.

The company has a team of learned and experienced professionals and experts that are dedicated and always available to offer any form of business advice to clients. Due to many years of existence, the company has staff members that are well exposed to various challenges and therefore, they have the best solutions to such issues. For more info you can check their facebook page.

Southridge offers structured finance and advisory services. Under structured finance, clients are guided on how to come up with a financing plan, modify the plan and eventually implement the plan with guaranteed success. This is made possible due to a core team of experts in this field. The company also helps such clients grow through financing them to a point that they can stand on their own.

Some of the solutions offered include securitization. The company pools together most of the contractual debts such as loans and mortgages then sells their related cash flows to third party investors as securities. It also helps in increasing creditworthiness of its clients. This is achieved through working in conjunction with creditors to remove debts courtesy of common stock.

As stated above, financial solutions are also offered. Depending on different factors in the market, companies face many financial problems. Lack of capital can be one of them. Southridge Capital has several products that come in handy in case of such a problem. One of them is the Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA). This products enables companies to come up with capital exclusively at their request regardless of the prevailing conditions. You can visit for more info.

Southridge Capital is the place to be in case of an upcoming business organization or individual. They offer the best advice and guidance in the field of business and entrepreneurship.

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To IPO or Not to IPO…That is the question for The RealReal!

“According to a recent article in Recode, Julie Wainwright, the founder and CEO of The RealReal, a luxury consignment business, was going to go public. An IPO (initial public offering) is the initial sale of stock offered by a company to the public. As a private company, the family and friends of the founder of a company as well as venture capitalists or angel investors provide funding. As an IPO, the company sells shares to others who want to invest in the company. Instead of becoming an IPO, Wainwright decided to raise new funding of $100 million.

Recode conjectured why Wainwright decided not to make The RealReal an IPO. One reason proffered was the footprint of the company in luxury consigning is not of sufficient scale to appeal to outside investors. Another is perhaps Wainwright wants to strengthen the business before going public, or maybe Wainwright and her initial investors want to increase the value of the market share of The RealReal by allowing the company to continue to grow. With her astute business sense, Julie Wainwright knows whether or when she will go public.

Julie Wainwright launched The RealReal in 2012, and while many of her competitors have folded, The RealReal has raised more than $173 million in venture capital funding. In a scant few years, The RealReal boasts 800 employees with offices on the west coast in San Francisco and Los Angeles, on the east coast in New York and D.C. and in the Midwest in Chicago. Her staff includes 75 individuals who authenticate merchandise including gemologists, watch experts, art curators, and brand authenticators.

The RealReal offers authenticated luxury merchandise with brand names like Chanel, Prada, Cartier, and Louis Vuitton. Items include clothing, shoes, fine jewelry, watches, and art. The RealReal has tens of thousands of consigners. The key to the success of RealReal is taking authentication seriously and guaranteeing the quality of the merchandise. Following authentication, items are scanned, tagged, or hung and available for sale online within 24 hours. The RealReal sells most items within 72 hours with a turnover of all inventory every 30 days.”