Crystal EOS Lip balm

EOS Lip care products have officially taken over the market. For anyone who is not familiar with the company, they are the makers behind the infamous pod shaped lip balm. According to, the company has seen exponential growth of sales since the release of their first product about seven years ago. The company is expected to reach $20 billion in sales by 2020. So what is the buzz attached to these lip care products? Well, EOS essentially reinvented the way people use lip care. Unlike the traditional chap stick or tube design for lip balm, EOS created a neat little spherical pod. These pods are colorful and fun, making the use of them somewhat exciting to use. The top of these colorful pods unscrews and reveals a spherical balm within it. The pod has reshaped the way people view lip care products. They have attained a personal feeling to them, instead of boring old methods. Recently, the company announced the release of a brand new updated product. They are calling it the Crystal EOS lip balm. Hence the name, this balm features a clear and transparent balm. The outer shell is very similar to the original, featuring a top the unscrews to reveal the balm. However, the new shell is leaning towards a triangular look. The balm has undergone some works as well. The balm is now wax free. This is the underlying cause of the transparent look. Additionally, it allows the users to be free of a heavy feeling on their lips. The balm comes in two delightful flavors including Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid, view here. The two balms have become very popular and have received high ratings. They are readily available in many major retailers for around $5 each. Check out these amazing products and see their hydration power for yourself here on

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High-Class Lip Balm, Without the High Price Tag

I tried EOS Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm and was amazed at how great the product was. Admittedly, it was the pumpkin spice that made me want to purchase it. When applied, it smelled and tasted great, and definitely gave me that special feeling of autumn. However, I was also pleased by how great it worked for my lips.

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Let’s face it, fall is the season of pumpkin spice. It’s in our coffees, desserts, candles and pretty much everything else this time of year. However, fall is also the season of dry weather that can do a number on our lips. This Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm from EOS has kept my usually dry, cracked lips hydrated and smooth all day (and night) long.

I would definitely recommend this product to everyone I know! It looks great in its sphere container, which also makes it much easier to apply. The scent is what drew me in, but the medicinal properties are what will make me a repeat customer. Read review here.

EOS Lip Balm is a big step ahead of other lip balms. It comes in a sphere, rather than a stick, which makes it look and feel more luxurious when you apply it. The ingredients used are 100% natural and have healing and moisturizing effects on your lips. These products are free of allergins and are dermatologist approved. Don’t expect a hefty price tag either, as EOS Lip Balms are very affordable.

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