EOS Lip Balm Review

For the upcoming holiday, we all need to choose stocking stuffer gifts for our loved ones. Everyone has different tastes and everyone wants something different. We all know the usual gifts: candy, gift cards, lottery tickets, etc, but one very good thing to put into stockings for your loved ones is products like lip balm and nail clippers. These products might seem weird at first to give your friends and family but they make perfect sense. These are products that will let them know that you are really thinking about them when you buy these gifts for them. One great product to include in your stockings is the EOS Lip Balm. These tiny products have a massive impact on your loved one’s lips, especially during the rough winter season. It is cheap, trendy, and easily fits into any pants pockets.

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Winter season can be brutal for your lips. Everyone hates the feeling of cracked lips. And everyone also hates the bad look. The EOS Lip Balm is a perfect solution for giving your lips a healthy and clean look, see also usmagazine.com. They come in a quality little container that comes in different colors. This is especially good for Christmas because you can get different colors for different family members and friends.

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The EOS Lip Balm is very recommended for the lip balm industry, read more here. They are great for your lips and they also make your lips look great. They also come in different colors and are easy to put into any pants pocket so they are great for Christmas gifts for your loved ones. They can be found at any store and also online. They are a great buy for any occasion. The EOS Lip Balm is a must buy especially for the upcoming holiday season. Go buy one today and you will see the quality.


Dr. Clay Siegall is Fully Utilizing Resources at Seattle Genetics To Bring a Revolution in Cancer Treatment

Dr. Clay Siegall has found a standing in the fight against diseases with a high rate of mortality such as cancer. He runs Seattle Genetics, a biotech firm that is in the forefront in research and development of targeted therapy drugs for such diseases. Besides money, Dr. Clay was inspired to start this venture by a personal experience with a loved one who was being treated for cancer. The treatment that included chemotherapy almost became fatal, which left him thinking of other ways that can heal the disease. He had always been interested in the combination of medicine and technology to fight disease. He desired to see patients who are facing life-threatening conditions regain hope.


Since its inception almost two decades ago, Seattle Genetics has made notable strides in drug development. It prides on its first antibody-drug conjugate ADCetris that has since earned the FDA-approval. The drug has also shown three indications and attracted other like-minded investors such as Pfizer, Bayer, and Genentech among others. Besides this medicine, Seattle Genetics has more than 20 drugs in the development stages. These achievements give the firm a high standing in the industry as well as hope that traditional methods will soon be replaced with more effective ones.

How He Did It

Dr. Clay Siegall has had to fight several challenges such as financial hurdles to get to where he is today. His hard work saw him pull through and become profitable after ten years. He invested more in acquiring the best talent to form his sales team. This team has excellently represented Seattle Genetics bringing in customers in good numbers. Seattle Genetics has also done well in creating unique products that sell themselves in the market. Today, the firm is making large reaps in selling ADCetris, technology, and processes licensing as well as from production partnerships.

About Dr. Clay Siegall

Before venturing into Seattle Genetics, Dr. Clay Siegall worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute for six years. He had previously worked for the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health.

Dr. Clay Siegall serves on the board of directors of several organizations. They include the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Mirna Therapeutics, and Alder BioPharmaceuticals.

EOS Review: New Vegan Lip Balm

EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) has done it again. After entering the highly competitive lip balm market seven years ago and scoring big, they have taken the shelves by storm with their new vegan line. This purely organic lip moisturizer now has no beeswax in the clear formula. Vegan flavors Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid include coconut, shea, jojoba oil, and antioxidant-rich vitamin E. The vegan formulas have no petrolatum or wax ingredients and are hypoallergenic.

They sold out of these vegan balms the first day they were listed on their website, refer also to usmagazine.com. The clear, organic, and completely animal byproduct-free lip balm is packaged in its recognizable egg-shaped container. Retailers such as Walgreens, Walmart, and Target carry EOS products or you can order online at their website.

EOS proved seven years ago that the market was ready for a change by challenging the hold Chapstick and Blistex on the lip balm market and they haven’t looked back. Even celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Christina Aguilera latched on to wearing honeydew and grapefruit flavors in their egg-shaped packaging when they were first introduced. Today EOS is the second leading lip balm with Burt’s Bees leading the market. Check out allure.com to see product features.

Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, co-founders of EOS, focused on millennial women between the ages of 25-35 as the market target. As an appeal to the five senses, they were to feel comfortable in the hand, have appealing and soothing colors that capture the eye, a pleasingly unique taste on the tongue, smell delicious, and make that assuring clicking sound when closing the orb.

The company has expanded over the years to include new flavors and other care products, read more. All of the EOS products are competitively priced, high quality, and offer good value. This is the lip balm that makes you smile for a good reason.

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Lip Balm and a Healthy, Glowing Look

Lip balm isn’t just a standard beauty product for everyone. It’s also a genuine necessity for many folks. That’s because the perks of lip balm go far beyond a pucker that’s wonderfully kissable and free of imperfections. People who regularly suffer from chapped lip woes fully understand what an asset a nice tub of balm can be. Lips that are excessively dry and that are cracked and bleeding aren’t only unattractive. They’re also downright uncomfortable and painful. Lips that have cracks can also be highly susceptible to bigger problems such as infection and persistent irritation. People who want to reduce their chances of immoderate lip dryness and roughness should always make a point to use lip balm.

The world has no shortage of widely known lip balm manufacturers. One brand stands out in a good way, however. That brand is “Evolution of Smooth” or “eos.” Evolution of Smooth is a brand that prioritizes natural products for the skin and lips. Check also usmagazine.com to read more related interesting news.

People who are organic enthusiasts may want to look into Evolution of Smooth’s “Smooth Sphere Lip Balms.” These balms aren’t only suitable for organic lovers, either. They’re also totally appropriate for people who wish to avoid gluten in their lives, read more here. These lip balms aim to hydrate the lips. They also aim to give them softer and more even textures. Noteworthy ingredients in these balms include both vitamin E and shea butter. These balms are totally devoid of phthalates, petrolatum and parabens. Fans of Evolution of Smooth’s organic balms can choose between delightful and diverse flavors including honeysuckle honeydew, summer fruit, blueberry acai, sweet mint and strawberry sorbet, browse more products here on allure.com. Medicated tangerine is yet another convenient and helpful flavor choice that’s offered to Evolution of Smooth fans. Evolution of Smooth also makes “Shimmer Smooth Spheres” and “Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres” for people in need of quality lip balm care.

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Sussex Healthcare-The Best Choice for Senior Living Home

With 25 years of experience in the community, Sussex Healthcare has served those in need and their families, with respect and integrity. Their mission is to use a person focused approach, the goal for them is to meet the needs of individuals with customized care plan.

Care for the Elderly

Sussex Healthcare provides a welcoming and safe environment for older clients. The specially trained staff provides plans and also activities to keep the mind sharp as well as the body. The centers emphasize the physical, mental, emotional and social needs of their clients. With residential care or respite care and 24 hour service available, Sussex can meet the needs of any senior. Activities such as arts and crafts, movement and music help keep the client busy and their mind engaged. There is also a wide range of therapy offered such as hydrotherapy and occupational therapy. Talented chefs serve dishes that are delicious and nutritious.

Dementia Care

Since the increased aging in our population, dementia care has become a relevant issue for many families. Sussex Healthcare believes that all clients should live an active and meaningful life so they provide activities goals and emotional support plans. Their individual focused philosophy encourages each person and specializes care plans for their specific needs. The Sussex facilities are created to provide nurture and support for dementia patients. There are special rooms and areas created to facilitate reminisce with familiar objects. 24 hour care is possible. Current dementia training is given to all staff.

Neurological Care

Sussex Healthcare also has special facilities to serve those with neurological or brain injury issues. They are able to treat such chronic diseases as Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s or Acquired Brain Injury. They have in house therapists, speech and occupational therapists, and aromatherapy. 24 hour care provides a safe but inspired lifestyle that these clients need to succeed.


The Sussex Healthcare has customized facilities for a diverse range of disabilities and special needs clients. They work closely with schools and colleges to promote an academic plan that meets the needs of each individual. There are a 24 hour care nurses with the latest tools such as track hoists and assisted living accommodations that support the individual daily. Occupational therapy and other active areas provide scheduled classes to enhance personal enjoyment. Respite care is available, as well as daycare. Each Sussex Health facility is created to enhance the growth and support of clients and their families.

For more info: www.sussexhealthcare.org/sussex-health-care.html

Greg Secker guides you through forex trading

Have you been thinking about investing in the foreign exchange market? If yes then what are you waiting for! The wage growth is currently in stagnation; inflation rates are gradually peaking up while interest is still on the low.

Have you asked yourself why people and businesses, of late, seem to be so much into trade and investments? Well, there goes the answer. Forex trading might be just the answer to your problems. Well, is this a good investment move for me? You might be tempted to ask. Greg Secker, through an article, helps put an end to your concerns.

What is forex?

The word forex is used about the forex exchange market. This is the market where currencies are, internationally, exchanged 24/7. The exchange here is online. You do not have to be an expert to reap profits from this trade all you have to do is make a deal on the currency you think is going to gain on the other.

What is the fuss?

Why is it only now that people are beginning to gain interest in forex trading while it has been there for years? Internationally, the economy has become more like a tide, so unstable and unforeseen. Inflation rates continue to soar while the wage growth is motionless. Trading on the stock market is not as profitable, and that is where forex trading now comes in.

Am I cut out for this?

Well, all you need to have is a curious mind and an interest in the flow of things. There is no discipline required for you to succeed in this field. The internet does it all for you. All you have to do is keep a monitoring eye and seek advice from the pros.

The advantages of forex trading

Starting for one is easy. You can start with as little as $ 250. The trade is also very flexible; you can trade anywhere, anytime, anyplace all you need is easy access to the internet.

About the author Greg Secker

Mr. Secker is one in three, a speaker, philanthropist, and businessman. He is the proprietor of Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software, and Capital Index and the founder of the Greg Secker Foundation. Greg has made a significant name for himself in the business industry.

Mr. Secker through his foundation tries to guide people towards financial freedom and empowerment. Many know him as the guy that made a couple of millions before his thirties and as the man that owns one of the most successful trading companies in the world.

Cosmetic Professional, Doe Deere, Talks The Basics Of Color

Doe Deere believes that beauty is more than skin deep and lies with your choice of colors when you’re going through your morning beauty ritual. She proclaims that most women today have one and she is proud to say, her colors and cosmetic base continues to be a favorite among busy professionals and young adults. Her cosmetics were designed to give her wearers a chance to be completely unapologetic about their unique identity. Deere says, her cosmetics are meant to empower girls and guys alike. You have the benefits of finding those hard to find intricate colors unmatched by her competitors, says Deere.

Deere says, success depends on how your customers feel about your products and services. She says, she continues to reinvent herself while staying true to her core values. Her risks in business involved her being one of the first of her kind to experiment with the matte formula base. When she was selling her unique sewn clothing items on eBay she decided it was important for her to create intricate cosmetic colors because they were extremely hard to find. Deere needed a colorful innovative line that would bring out the best features of her wearers while giving them confidence.

It wasn’t easy for her to compete in a very competitive cosmetic industry, but her products never had a problem standing out. Once they hit the cosmetic industry they began to preferred over other brands 10 to 1. Deere says, her unconventional colors came about by part necessity and inspiration. Deere wants her wearers to be proud to wear her makeup and use it as a part of the morning beauty ritual all women go through today. Take charge of your look with cool colors like Beet It and Radical Metallic to accent any hairdo or outfit.

Deere invites you to bring out your best features with Lime Crime. You won’t find her products anywhere. You must shop exclusive Bloomingdale’s and exclusively off the Lime Crime website. Her buttery matte formula comes in an array of eye-shadow and lipstick brands that stay on. They go on with a smooth application and dry to perfection with a moist finish. Best of all, her cosmetics are safe for all skin types and are completely cruelty-free. Discover a color that is just right for your skin type by visiting the exclusive Lime Crime website for more details and great first-time promotional free shipping offers. Learn more: https://galoremag.com/lime-crime-creator-doe-deere-colors-haters/

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital (MSC) advises businesses across the world on financial matters. The Chicago based firm guides companies in gaining credit access, making shrewd investment options, and navigating complicated transactions.

It also helps with enterprise merging and valuation consulting services. The Madison Street Capital reputation is due to the entity working with renowned businesses.

Acquiring Loans

At the beginning of 2014, Madison Capital stated that it served Vital Care Industries. It guided the Illinois-based company in choosing the right lender to obtain a commercial loan. The medical product manufacturer was able to get the finances to cater for sterile medical supplies production.

Co-Founder Acknowledged

Anthony Marsala, MSC co-founder, qualified for the40 Under Forty award organized by National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. The program targets young and upcoming business leaders with experience in valuations, merges, or such endeavors.

Mr. Marsala is the head operating officer at Madison Street Capital. Marsala has been in this field for more than 14 years and a master’s degree holder.

Award Contestant

According to an article published on PR.com highlights that the finance specialists voted MSC as the M&A Advisor Awards qualifier. Entities receive the prestigious award when they establish an admirable restructuring, acquisition, and financing deals.

Professionals nominated Madison Street Capital as the top investment bank. The Chicago enterprise won for sealing a deal that involved merging property below $100 million.

Award Winner

In 2007, Madison Street Capital was the winner of Turnaround Award. The title boosted its position in the finest reform transaction in 2016 with a value less than$25 million. The competition involved over 300 companies. MSC earned praise from the president of M&A Advisor in March.

Investment Projects

In 2017, the finance company provided advisory services to DCG Software Value when it was merging with Spitfire Group. It served ARES Security Corporation as the sole advisor for a transaction involving subordinate debt and minority recapitalization. In March 2017, Madison Capital advised WLR Automotive Group on the appropriate financial choices to make.

Philanthropic Work

The charitable projects established by MSC also enhance its popularity. It funded Eastern and Midwestern United States after the severe weather in 2011. Madison Street Capital supports the American Red Cross and United Way.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. The company employs experienced staffs with exceptional knowledge in delivering their packages. Over the years MSC has been in the industry, they have acquired the necessary resources to complete transactions.

Read more:

Charles Botchway | Ideamench and

EOS Becomes the Towering Lip Balm Giant

The Evolution of Smooth is growing, and there are a lot of people that are excited about this growth. This has become a company that has been highlighted in Fast Company magazine, and a plethora of other publications for the incredibly rapid growth. There is a strong chance that the Evolution of Smooth will become known as the lip balm company that took down Chapstick.

It is hard to believe that a lip balm vendor that started in smaller stores like Walgreens would be prolific enough to spread out into a mainstream audience and take over an industry that already seemed too crowded for any other competitors.

What people have come to realize is that the EOS lip balm is different from the competition. It is a brand that stands out because it is connected to a marketing campaign that has helped people realize that it is different, refer also to fraeulein-ungeschminkt.de. There are long lasting flavors for the EOS lip balm products. There are ingredients that have been reported to be safe for the skin. These are things that consumers look for when they are buying lip balm products. The Evolution of Smooth has created marketing campaigns to let people know that this is what they can expect with these products, shop here. That has really forced people to take a closer look at what they are spending their money on.

More people are inclined to buy the Evolution of Smooth products because they are familiar with the products because of social media. People that like this lip balm are commenting on these products. They are really excited about the product line, and this is giving EOS lip balm a huge audience. That may be the reason why it has become the champion among lip balm giants like Chapstick. EOS has become the people’s choice.

Visit EOS’ official website for more cool updates, https://evolutionofsmooth.com/.


Positive Reviews for EOS Lead to Increase in Sales

The Evolution of Smooth has become the company that is getting a lot of a claim of varieties that are available with this lip balm that has surprised many consumers. The big surprise for most people may be the fact that this has become such a big hit. No one expected the Evolution of Smooth to have such a large dominance when it came to lip balm products it was unexpected, but this lip balm phenomenon is exciting to Consumers. They are interested in the next step for EOS, refer also to usmagazine.com.

What people really wanted to see was how this product would match up with a well-known company like Chapstick. So far the Evolution of Smooth has been in the lead. In fact some people may not even call it a contest when it comes to competition. It is the type of brand that celebrities are utilizing. It has become the talk of many social media circles. It is the product that people are talking about when it comes to decorating for various events, check this out.

Hands down, the Evolution of Smooth lip balm has become something that has made a mark on the millennial generation. Teenagers and young adults are excited about this type of product that has long-lasting flavors. Many young teens have traded in their lip gloss for the lip balm that makes lips smooth. This is the marketing campaign that has received much attention, and that maybe a very important part of the success model for this brand. The reviews have been good for this type of lip balm. People are fascinated about how this company has become so incredibly popular so early.

See also http://www.thedermreview.com/eos-lip-balm/.

The flavors for this lip balm are getting a lot of attention, and people are buying the variety packs so that they can try multiple flavors instantly.

Check this site for more info, blogwebpedia.com.