Why the Kabbalah Center is important to the Jewish Community

A lot of mystery and even ignorance surrounds the teachings of the Kabbalah. The confusion is deepened by the fact that everyone from religious leaders to fame seeking mediums and psychics in Hollywood really like misusing the teachings to their own ends. However, in the pure and unaltered state, the teachings of Kabbalah are one of the most important assets to the Jewish Community and especially those that closely follow the teachings of Judaism. To try and bring back some sanity into the teachings and what they mean for the community, there have been attempts to establish Kabbalah centers in the US, Europe and even Israel.

Origins of the Kabbalah

These are some of the oldest teachings that have been recorded in the history of man especially on spirituality. They are said to be so old that they are the blueprint from which most of the modern day religious teachings were derived. There was a time that the teachings were believed to be so tough that only males who were more than 40 years in age would be allowed access to the teaching centers and more information click here.

The main theme of the teachings is trying to explain the metaphysical world, and the connection that it has with the other realm. There are many people who take this to mean that Kabbalah is for the people that believe in things like magic. While it is true that a little bit of inexplicable events are part of the kabbalah narratives, the main theme is not to help people perform voodoo like some mediums want people to think. The main reason the centers are being set up is to demystify the teachings and make sure the Jewish community understands their importance.

The founders of the Kabbalah center, Philip, Karen, Michael and Yehuda Berg are just continuing the work that was started in 1922. Yehuda Ashlang was the first person to reveal the contents of the teachings and make them accessible to all people. The current founders and managers of the center come directly from his family line and believe that they are continuing with his inspirational work of enlightening the Jewish people and the world.

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Giving Hope to Humanity- Thor Halvorssen

Human Rights Foundation, an organization, based in New York was launched in 2005 by its President and founder Thor Halvorssen. Thor is half Norwegian and half Venezuelan and was born and raised in Caracas. His background is of heads of State and adventurers. Oystein who was Thor’s paternal grandfather served as a King’s Counsel in Venezuela during the world war two. When the Germans invaded Oystien home, he abstracted all the Norway’s merchant convoy to the port in Venezuela. Thor’s mother originated from the first president of Venezuela, Cristobal Mendoza and the military leader who assisted the Latin America’s independence from Spain Simon “The Liberator” Bolivar. Working and helping in the humanitarian sector is something that runs in Thor’s family, and it is not a point of discussion when it comes to serves for humanity.

Thor’s family has suffered while fighting for human rights, his father was jailed and tortured after exposing the government’s corruption while working as a drug czar in Venezuela. On the other hand, his mother was shot in an anti-Hugo Chavez protest. His Website, Even his extended family has been in the frontline in fighting corruption as Leopoldo Lopez his first cousin and a known continuous challenger of the Chavista administration, is currently jailed in a Venezuelan prison. Thor is very committed as a social activist, and he says he loves people and humanity and he considers himself a “classic liberal.”

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan human right activist who was born on March 9, 1976. Thor is also a film producer, and his significant contribution is in the public interest advocacy, individual rights and civil liberties, public policy, as well as pro-democracy advocacy. Through his efforts to fight for humanity, Thor founded Oslo Freedom Forum a movement that is described as a human rights festivals. He is also the President of the Human Rights Foundation which is an organization that is committed to fighting for human freedom and their rights in general.

His love and passion for humanity have seen him hold leadership posts in organizations dealing with fighting for human freedom. Thor is the Czech-based Children’s Peace Movement, the foundation of Moving Pictures Institute and On Own Feet. In May 2010 he purchased the customarily Norwegian News Magazine NyTid. He is also a protector of students’ speech activity that saw him being honored by the University of Pennsylvania President Judith Rodin. At Present Thor is producing a film “the moon is a harsh mistress” by Bryan Singer which is an adoption of Robert Heinlein and learn more about Thor.

Real Success Story of the Wen By Chaz Hair Conditioner

When you work in a hair salon, it is important that you have spectacular hair or your clients are not going to e impressed enough to want to continue getting their hair done at your salon. One young lady was suffering with flat fine hair, and even though she was a stylist, nothing was giving her the look she desired at the job. That was, until she decided to try the Wen hair By Chaz fine hair conditioner.

To get a closer look at the man behind the product, Chaz Dean is a stylist in Los Angeles who developed his own line of hair care products because he was tired of seeing people suffers because of the products they thought were giving them positive results. Dean noted that the majority of shampoo and conditioners on the market contain harsh ingredients that strip away natural oils from the hair. Visit the product’s Wikipedia page to learn more..

The exposed hair is then exposed to the heat from the hair dryer or curling iron, making a bad situation worse. Dean brought his Sephora endorsed products to his salon and celebrity clients have been lining up at his door ever since.

A story that was originally posted on Bustle, chronicles the daily experience one young lady had with one of Dean’s hair care products. She was a stylist in a salon who had oil, greasy, and flat fine hair. Frustrated with her hair, she turned to Wen By Chaz hair care conditioners for help. Her story shows her daily journal in pictures and words, holding nothing back in her review.

By the time you get to the 7th day of her journey, you see that even though she did not follow the instructions perfectly, her hair was transformed by the end of the experiment. You can easily see that her hair had incredible bounce and shine now.


Whitney Wolfe Changes Dating App World For Women

Whitney Wolfe has managed to join the growing number of entrepreneurs that have become interested in dating apps. She has created one of the most interesting applications for all that have been trying to get access to something that was completely different than what they were previously experiencing. Many people are thrilled about the Bumble app that was created by Wolfe, and it shows that there is a considerable amount of innovation from women in the app world.

When Whitney Wolfe created Bumble she decided to create an app that would actually give women more control than men. For same-sex matches either party has the ability to make the first move. With heterosexual couples, however, it is going to be the woman that makes the move first. With this app women have the ability to control the situation.

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Whitney Wolfe is someone that has certainly moved up in the app industry. She has done something great by bringing forth technology that shows the progress that women are making in the business world. She has her own company and she is not dependent on the ideals of any man.

Most people that have started using the Bumble app are able to see that there is a level of consistency with her former app called Tinder. This Bumble app is quite easy to use because it resembles the other app that she had already co-founded.

Numerous people are going to be thrilled about this interesting application that has become the thing that millions of people have gravitated to in such a short amount of time. More than 11 million people are taking interest in this dating platform. It is a clear sign that Whitney Wolfe was on to something great. She is creating a ground breaking application that changes everything about dating.

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The Eight Fun EOS Flavors

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, is a California-based lip balm company that, in seven years’ time, has grown into the second-largest company of its kind. In fact, EOS has exceeded Chapstick lip balm sales with over one-million units sold weekly. The company is just under Burt’s Bees in annual sales.

Many factors influence women to grab the EOS orb instead of Chapstick or one of the other brands. The fun and funky orb-shaped container is definitely eye-catching, and the natural ingredients in the product seal the deal. But, the EOS flavors also persuade buyers to reach for this lip balm first.

Currently, EOS has eight exciting flavors to choose from. Each flavor hits the lips with a major impact, leaving a yummy taste along with extraordinary softness that keeps chapped lips at bay. EOS flavors includes

– Sweet Mint

– Honeysuckle Honeydew

– Passion Fruit

– Summer Fruit

– Vanilla Bean

Pomegranate Raspberry

– Passion Fruit

Most women have a hard time picking just one of the flavors. It’s easy to see why the decision is difficult with such awesome choices available. Since the EOS orb container is low-cost, why not pick up a couple at once and choose your favorite?

Doe Deere is the EOS creator. Deere says that new flavors are planned for the brand soon. Of course, lip balm users can also pick up limited edition flavors as they are released.  For additional Info, click ebay.com.

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Pucker Up With Pomegranate; EOS Flavored Lip Balm Is Decadent and Exotic

Pomegranates are an ancient fruit with tiny, jewel-like seeds that explode with flavor when you eat them. Their flavor is rich and dark with a tart finish that leaves you feeling refreshed. Pomegranates are decadent, exotic, luxurious, and beautiful. EOS lip balm’s Pomegranate Raspberry flavor brings all the decadence of a pomegranate to their all natural lip balm. The pomegranate flavor enhances the already sensual experience of EOS lip balm without overwhelming the senses. Encased in a rich ruby colored sphere or tube this lip balm is as visually satisfying as it is hydrating.  Important link here.

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EOS’s pomegranate raspberry flavor is available both in the innovative smooth sphere and in the more traditional smooth stick design, check on walmart.ca. EOS lip balm is made with natural and organic ingredients that really help nourish the delicate skin of your lips. Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil work together to instantly smooth and beautify dry lips. EOS lip balm is free of harsh chemicals that dry you lips. EOS lip balm’s revolutionary spherical design offers a simple solution to the problem of tiny tubes of lip product disappearing in the depths of a cavernous handbag. The cute, colorful spheres are large enough to be easily found and small enough to go with you everywhere.  Check douglas.de.

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A Look At Biotechnology Veteran Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Seattle Genetics, Inc. He enjoys spending some of his time linking to articles he finds of interest on his blog. A recent NPR article he linked to describes how a tiny fish has an opioid-like venom that enables it to escape predators. This fish, called the Fangblenny (due to its huge fangs in comparison to its body), can carve up larger fish in the blink of an eye. When it is eaten by another fish, it releases this venom which disorients the fish while the Fangblenny uses its fangs to bite its way out of the fishes mouth. For this reason, the Fangblenny is called the jerk of the sea.

Another interesting article that Dr. Siegall linked to is about a paralyzed man who, equipped with the latest technology, can control one of his arms and hands using his mind. Bill Kochevar, 56, was paralyzed in a biking accident in his 40’s. The device he uses to control his arm and hand, the BrainGate2, can detect signals in the area of the brain that controls those body parts after he had two electrode arrays surgically installed in his brain.

Due to Dr. Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics is at the forefront of cancer drug research. He co-founded the company in 1997 in order to focus research on antibody-drug conjugates role in cancer drug therapies. He has also been the Director of Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. since 2014 and the Director of Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Inc since 2005. Another biotechnology company Dr. Clay Siegall is associated with is Mirna Theapeutics, Inc., where he has been on on its Board of Directors since 2013. He earned his BS from the University of Maryland and his Ph.D. from George Washington University.