Brad Reifler Makes a Partnership with Easter Seals Dixon Center

Brad Reifler, the founder and chief executive officer of Forefront Capital Advisors, recently made a partnership with Easter Seals Dixon Center, an organization based on providing services for veterans, and such deal included a donation on behalf of Reiler of more than $2 million for his new partner.

According to Reifler, he is pleased with the partnership since Easter Seals Dixon Center has helped many veterans and families in the United States. Throughout the years, Easter Seals Dixon Center has been working with businesses and organizations in order to improve veteran’s access to education, healthcare services, and vocational training. The center accomplishes this by connecting veterans to agencies or institutions and by providing practical solutions as well as by lowering down barriers.

Forefront Capital Advisors, a firm that specializes in alternative investments and banking services, focuses on helping Americans from middle class backgrounds that want to invest, financial services that are conventionally only available for the rich. And Forefront Advisors is also on the mission of enhancing the quality of lives of veterans so they can succeed professionally and personally so they can become productive members of their communities. Reifler believes that joining Easter Seals Dixon Center will help his company achieve such noble goals.

Colonel David W. Sutherland, founder and chairman of Easter Seals Dixon Center, is honored and very thankful of Reiler’s contributions. The amount donated by Reiler is of $3 million, and this money will be used in order to fund Easter Seals Dixon Center’s programs for veterans in areas such as education, job training, and wellness. Sutherland has dedicated many of his years helping veterans become financially prosperous. He thinks that the partnership will bring a radical improvement to his organization.  See more of what Reifler has done in his career on LinkedIn.

Talk Fusion Releases New WebRTC Recorder

Talk Fusion was recently featured in PRNewswire for its launch of a new WebRTC recorder. This new innovation will assist with even faster communications for customers of Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion is excited about this new development because it will enable real-time communications from a web browser and the recording of top quality videos for email. This technology is best suited for Firefox or Chrome browsers right now. With this new development, Talk Fusion customers can enjoy instant recording and synchronization. In terms of implementing this type of cutting edge technology with their video recording products, Talk Fusion is a leader in the industry. In rolling out this new offering, Talk Fusion is promoting a free 30 day trial of their video recording and sending service. Sign up is available on Talk Fusion’s website, and there is no credit card information required for the initial trial of the product.

Ever since Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina in 2007, this dynamic company has tried to stay ahead of the pack in video communications. It was the very first company to offer an all-in-one video marketing solution and change the way that businesses market their products and services to potential clients. Talk Fusion is willing to offer their products on a free trial basis because the company truly believes in the superior technology and development of their video communications programs. All indications are that Talk Fusion will continue to innovate ahead of its peers in the industry and remain a dominant force in the market for many years to come. Its products are described as reliable, cutting edge, bug-free and easy to use for the average person.

George Soros Resumes Trading and Invests Heavily in Gold

Billionaire investor and philanthropist, George Soros, has resumed trading and is exhibiting bearish market characteristics. This was after a long trading hiatus that saw minimal activity from George Soros. His return to the markets is fueled by potential opportunities for profit amid impending economic troubles.

Soros has been quite vocal about the oncoming economic woes facing the global market. He has been concerned that huge market shifts will occur causing ripples across the economic divide. This outlook has led George Soros to exhibit a series of large and bearish investments. Close confidants of the billionaire said that though he was concerned about the weakening global market, he sees opportunity for profit and has made huge steps towards the same.

Soros has always closely monitored the investments made by his firm, Soros Fund Management. A few years ago, the firm returned all money from outside investors. Today, it only manages his family’s wealth. Since his retirement, he has focused his attention on foreign policy and philanthropy. He has since given billions to various charitable organizations across the world through the Open Society Foundations.

However, at the start of 2016, Soros started spending time at his offices directing sales. He has also maintained constant communication with his executives. His firm manages close to $30 billion on behalf of his Family. This year, the firm bought huge shares in gold miners and gold amid a gloom market view according to Soros.

Soros has always voiced his concern over the weakening Chinese economy and capital flight. He has also been concerned about how the political milieu of the mainland may be a hindrance of lasting reform. In addition to the Chinese economic situation, Soros has also been concerned over a number of challenges facing the European Union namely the migration crisis, Greek’s debt challenges and the United Kingdom’s potential exit from the EU. The last challenge could inevitably lead to the collapse of the European Union.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

George Soros

George Soros is an 85 year old billionaire who holds U.S. and Hungarian dual citizenship. His story is quite inspiring because he survived, as a young Jew, during the Nazi occupation of Hungary and eventually made his way through Europe to London, England, to seek higher education.

Today, he is one of the wealthiest individuals globally and has amassed a huge net worth over the years. He is also very philanthropic having given billions in over three decades to various international charities. His Open Society Foundations is currently ranked as one of the most successful philanthropic organizations in the world. Soros has also authored many books and online articles.

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Doug Levitt’s Greyhound Diaries Exposes Crisis In America

Doug Levitt’s travels have taken him to all parts of the United States. The journalist, singer, songwriter documented his 100,000 mile journey in the series “Greyhound Diaries.”

Levitt, who has been profiled on MSNBC‘s Dylan Ratigan Show, Fox News, CNN and PBS, embarked on this life-changing quest to show what life is like for real-life, ordinary Americans just trying to get by. He has collected a variety of mementos over his eight-year journey and met people of all races, colors, religions and creeds. He says the idea came from the economic downturn in 2008. He wanted to see how everyday Americans were affected.

The project is modeled after the 1930s depression-era WPA, where journalists and photographers captured pictures and tales from struggling families looking to get away from the dust bowl and poverty. His initiative also shows the plight of people in crisis. He has more than 10,000 photos in his travel collection. He also composed and sang all of the recordings on the program.

Doug Levitt has performed a Broadway act chronicling his travels and released an EP.

Before the Greyhound Diaries, Levitt was an international correspondent working for ABC, CNN and CBS. He has reported from a number war torn areas around the globe. He is a graduate of Cornell University and is from a well-connected political family in the D.C. area.

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Keith Mann Funds Scholarship for Professional Achievement

Keith Mann was recently featured in an article for Business Wire regarding the announcement of the 2016 Scholarship for Professional Achievement. Along with his wife, Keely Mann, he has partnered with a non-profit charter school organization called Uncommon Schools to award a graduating senior in the New York City area this prestigious scholarship each year. The scholarship will support future business leaders hoping to attend a four-year college or university. The scholarship award will be decided on the basis of a 1,000 word essay on explaining how a college education will further the applicant’s career goals. This year’s winner will be awarded a $5,000 scholarship to be used at the school of their choice. Mann says that he is excited to announce the recipient of this year’s scholarships and looks forward to partnering with Uncommon Schools for this important goal for many years to come.

Mann is the founder of Dynamics Search Partners, which is a top notch executive search firm that works exclusively with alternative investment firms. The company was established in 2001 and has grown into having one of the largest executive databases in the world. As the current CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann is involved in the firm’s operations and strategic vision. Under his direction and leadership, Dynamics Search Partners established an extensive network of connections with some of the most respected hedge funds and private equity firms in the industry. Mann has worked hard to make sure that his connections go well beyond one-time placements and that Dynamics Search Partners exceeds clients’ expectations with every placement. Mann has more than 15 years of experience in the executive search industry, which has been vital in giving him the perspective and intimate knowledge of the industry that makes the real difference in long term executive position placements.

As a highly sought after executive himself, Mann has used his success to foster many philanthropic causes. He and his wife have been very involved in education initiatives through scholarship endowments and speaking publicly about the importance of investing in the education of the country’s next generation of business leaders.


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Who Is Eric Pulier?

Mr. Eric Pulier is a man that wears many hats. He is an entrepreneur at heart, an author of some books, a charity man and a family man. Mr. Pulier is the founder of 15 companies, each one dedicated to making a difference.

As a young boy, in 4th grade, Eric Pulier was raised in Teaneck, New Jersey where he was programming computers! It didn’t stop there; in high school Mr. Pulier start his own database computer company. Talk about a man with a dream and a drive that is unstoppable!

After high school Pulier attended Harvard university in 1989 where he majored in English and American Literature. Following in 1991 is where he made his move to Los Angeles, California.

What is admired the most about Mr. Pulier is not that he is a genius at starting up businesses but his love and willingness to give back! He donates to several non-profit organization and he is on the board for a company called the X-Prize Foundation. This company is dedicated to creating competitions to solve humanities greatest challenges!

When Mr Pulier is not working he is with his four lovely children out in Los Angeles. Because of his four children it inspired him to serve on a board called “The Painted Turtle” which is a summer program for children with chronic illnesses.

As stated, Mr. Pulier is a man of many hats. Everything he seems to do makes a difference in the lives around him. This is a man whose hand is worth shaking. Mr. Eric Pulier, a man of innovation and making a big difference!

Check out Eric’s LinkedIn today!

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Diversant’s Principal Executive John Goullet

Diversant LLC’s Principal Executive is John Goullet. Diversant LLC is headquartered in Red Bank, New Jersey. For those readers who are unfamiliar with Diversant, LLC and/or John Goullet have no worries. Here is some additional information on the subjects in question:

Diversant LLC is reportedly the largest African-American owned (or MBE Minority-owned Business `Enterprise) IT staffing and solutions agency in the United States. It is a privately-owned company.
They are self-labeled “experts in hiring IT talent”. They are proud of their growth in the past few years. They consider their clients to be partners.

The company’s Principal Executive is John Goullet. Goullet, of course, did not start at the top. In truth it no doubt began years ago with his education. He attended Ursinus College in Collegeville, Pennsylvania from August 1979 through May of 1983 when he earned his bachelors degree.

His resume is highlighted by several events. He was first employed as a computer consultant. He was also employed as an IT staffing account exec.

More specifically Goullet worked for Computer Sciences Corp. in Lyndhurst, New Jersey from 1981 to 1983 before he even graduated college. Following his graduation he worked at The Constell Group located in Piscataway, New Jersey. He left there in 1986.

He was next employed by 3d Information Services in Bridgewater, New Jersey for a year. His work experience also includes a job at Tsr Consultants located in Island, New Jersey through 1990. He also was employed by Cap Gemini America in Edison, New Jersey until 1994.

He next created the company Info Technologies, Inc. in 1994. He was also the CEO (Chief Executive Officer). During this time he gained further knowledge concerning what many refer to as the corporate climate.

Goullet believes in concentrating his attention on the specific Information technology needs of each of his clients.

At present he also the He serves as the Chairman of Diversant LLC. Info Technologies is now a noteworthy company.Inc magazine has cited twice on its Inc. 500 list as on the fastest-growing companies in the Unites States.

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James Dondero Is Quite An Investment Specialist

As reported in an article in Business Wire James Dondero president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management has joined forces with Linda Irwin the former president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation and currently a Dallas Civic leader to give purpose and direction to the philanthropic activities in Highland. These efforts are expected to help expand charitable contributions in the area. James Dondero gives support and guidance by using board services and by serving in leadership roles.

Highland Capital Management LLC, was founded by Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993. Currently, Highland Management has 17 billion dollars worth of assets and is the largest globals alternative credit management companies. Highland Capital Management specializes in credit hedge funds, credit strategy, special situation private equity,c distressed equity, and collateralized loan obligations or CLOs.

Highland Capital LP also specializes in Alternative Investments. Some of these investments include natural resources,n emerging markets, and long to short equities.

James Dondero has worked in credit and equity markets for over 30 years. His primary focus is on businesses that have distressed investing strategies. He created Highland capital in 1993 and has developed Cielos or the collateralized loan obligation Market. Mr. Dondero is a credited for inventing award-winning products in the investment and equity field. In addition to being the co-founder president of Highland Capital Management and is also the chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, next week, and CCS Medical. Mr. Dondero is also a board member of MGM Studios and also American bank note.g in leadership roles.


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